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  1. superjer2000

    SCSI2SD PB Edition and PB 5xx - dumb question

    Following as I have a 2x PB SCSI2SDs arriving shortly and one of them is destined for a PB 520c
  2. superjer2000

    Printing from an SE/30 to a modern HP printer?

    I'm still not following if AppleShare is working on not. If that's not working, then the printer won't work. If you create an AppleShare server from your A2SERVER, does the SE/30 see it? Can you ping other machines from the SE/30? What is your SE/30 plugged into? Mine only works when it's plugged into a 10mbit hub.
  3. superjer2000

    SE/30 analogue board fun

    Yup - One of my SE/30s had this exact issue. The screen was really dim. I recapped the analog board with no change in brightness so I swapped out the tube from a Classic with a nice bright screen and that was that. Of course now the Classic has a dim screen … Maybe that's a candidate for a new different color (green, amber?) CRT if there is some consensus of viable options for CRT replacement in that other thread.
  4. superjer2000

    Printing from an SE/30 to a modern HP printer?

    Since you're running netatalk, have you tried to just enable printing through that? Are you using desktop printing and entering an IP address or just selecting LaserWriter In The chooser and picking your printer? The latter is what I'm doing with my netatalk install and cups.
  5. superjer2000

    Printing from an SE/30 to a modern HP printer?

    I was able to get my Macs printing to both my Brother printers - one that understands Postscript (B&W printer) and one that doesn't (color printer). Getting the postscript capable printer working was pretty straightforward with a Mac running OS 8.1 as I could just follow Eric Bylenga's instructions. I didn't have any luck getting that to work with my SE/30 though. I can't remember what the error was I was getting, but with whatever version of driver I was using that created Desktop Printers and allowed me to use LPR printing, I kept getting some kind of error. I then setup CUPS printing on the Raspberry Pi that was running my netatalk server. that allowed me to use the regular LaserWriter driver (still needed a newer version) on my Macs running 8.1 plus my SE/30 running 7.1 but I could only use my black and white brother as CUPS was sending postscript to the printer. As my color printer doesn't support postscript, I needed to install CUPS compatible drivers BUT there weren't ARM drivers for the color printer that would work with my Brother - only i386 drivers. So I ended up creating a VM on my main server computer (Intel based) that runs the newest version of Netatalk (2.2.6) that supports older AppleTalk networking. That required making a change to the 2.2.6 code to fix a bug before compiling that somebody on Stackexchange (or similar site) found. I was then able to install CUPS and as I was running on an intel machine, I was able to install the proprietary brother Linux drivers for my color printer. With all of that I am now able to print from any of my Macs connected via Ethernet to both printers as long as they have a new enough version of the LaserWriter driver.
  6. superjer2000

    Project to install LC575 Analogboard on Color Classic

    I got a bit lost at the end as to whether you are wanting us to guess how you solved the issue of using the CC CRT with the LC575 analog board but besides that... AWESOME PROJECT!! Cutting down the board like that was a brave and creative move! I think you are saying you got everything working at the end?
  7. How are the voltages? I love ChipQuik for removing SMD and through-hole components but I take care to wipe my soldering iron off on a different sponge or paper towel when using it so I don't contaminate my wire sponge with it when I'm resoldering items back on after. I'm pretty sure the ChipQuik solder mixed in with regular solder wouldn't make a good joint.
  8. superjer2000

    MessagePad 130 No Sound

    Well, it's working now. I did two things... first I went back and touched up the solder joints that connect back to the speaker and I also turned the sound on through the preferences... I'm pretty sure the sound wasn't working before I changed the prefs as I didn't get the initial ding indicating my back up battery was dead and I did after I resoldered. That being said, there is a chance that it could have been a software issue and I took the unit apart again for no reason. I had the unit apart as I replaced the resistors mentioned on the 130 page on this site https://www.pda-soft.de/ and that fixed my back light (which hadn't worked since I got the newton ~17 years ago. Those are tiny SMD Components!
  9. superjer2000

    MessagePad 130 No Sound

    @PotatoFi did you ever sort this out? I've got the same issue
  10. superjer2000

    Color Classic Missing Green

    Well I pulled apart the entire unit (i.e. the bottom part that holds the logic and analog boards, floppy and HD) to remove the metal shielding and get a better look at the edge connectors. One observation is I was astonished at just how much more pliable the Color Classic's plastics are than the LC575's, but how much more fragile the actual workings of the Color Classic seem to be. I didn't see any bent, damaged, or oxidized edge connector pins. I did try to clean them the best I could with Nu-Trol and some paper towel but nothing really back on the paper towel. I also cleaned the edge connectors on the analog board and the logic board. I did try to work some Nu-Trol into the 15 or so pots on the analog board with minimal luck. They are sealed up pretty good and I'm not sure where any of the gunk would drain to anyways. That being said, I still tried to drip a bit in there and then work the pots back and forth. End result: Nothing really different. The system is working well but every so often the display color flickers just a bit. It doesn't really do it very often (and sometimes not at all for hours at a time). I don't think I will take it apart again but I am curious to see how it contrasts against my other Color Classic when I recap that analog board. As an aside, when I recapped it, I did replace the two diodes that cook up the analog board and I mounted them up off the analog board a bit to provide for some additional cooling.
  11. superjer2000

    PowerBook 520 recapping or not?

    That's good feedback. I thought people were talking about the hinge assembly breaking off from the screen which is where I got the idea that they were fragile. In I go I guess.
  12. superjer2000

    PowerBook 520 recapping or not?

    From the site below - it looks like maybe just one cap to worry about. I think the caps on the battery bay board and the other purple ones on the inverter board are the OSCON solid polymer caps. There is a green cap though that looks similar to what was on my 160 which was not polymer and was leaking electrolyte. It actually doesn't look too bad to get into the screen. The rest of the caps all seem to be tants. https://bilgisayarlarim.com/Apple/Powerbook_520c/index.html
  13. superjer2000

    PowerBook 520 recapping or not?

    Resurrecting this thread. Has anybody taken apart a 520c? I have one as well and finally recapped my AC adapter and started to play around with it. Seems like a solid machine and I was really impressed with the screen in that it had no trouble keeping up with CrystalQuest (esp. as I think it's passive matrix). If it's all ceramics and tantalums inside, I'd rather not pull it apart esp. as I understand the plastics are delicate. That being said, I know all of my PB 1xx and my Duo 230 had really leaky (goo, not capacitance) electrolytics on the LCD board.
  14. superjer2000

    Duplicated floppy icons.

    MacroMaker in the Manu bar FTW!
  15. superjer2000

    IIci Motherboard Shorting

    I agree - it's pretty crazy how much electrolyte collects under there. In my reply I meant transistors AND diodes. I did have to jumper some connections as well now that I think back to it. There is a soft power schematic on here somewhere that you can use to diagnose trace issues.