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  1. KnobsNSwitches

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    I refuse to apologize for being a trackball fan!
  2. KnobsNSwitches

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    A NeXT ADB keyboard is definitely easier to come by (at a reasonable price) than a MacTV one, which is why I got one. Trackball is a 'Costar Stingray' trackball. I've never seen one in this color before, but the beige ones are (relatively) common. (...though I checked ebay just now, and there's another stingray trackball in dark gray/black, so, so much for that!)
  3. KnobsNSwitches

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    Macintosh TV, now featuring all black peripherals, as it should be: That is a NEXT ADB keyboard, it works, but it is German, so I definitely need to remap Y and Z. And maybe a couple other keys. In the recesses of my memory, I think you can use Resedit to remap keys in System 7, but I need to dig into that a little bit. I also replaced the Macintosh TV's fan which was relatively noisy with a new Noctua fan, and then replaced the hard drive with a SCSI2SD while I was in there. It is wonderfully quiet now.
  4. KnobsNSwitches

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    Some how I missed your response last month. No luck on the 6500 IR to do, well, anything other than what it does out of the box. Thanks for the NES info!
  5. KnobsNSwitches

    Backporting HFS+ to Mac OS 8.0 and earlier

    Progress! Kind of. Moving past my (unreleated) issues w/ copying on the Cube, I have gotten the script-generated 7.6.1 image to boot my color classic, but an HFS+ partition on the same SD card still has "where_have_all_my_files_gone". The 7.5.5 image I have not gotten to get to boot yet, just a Sad Mac.
  6. KnobsNSwitches

    Backporting HFS+ to Mac OS 8.0 and earlier

    Love this idea. Been trying to get it working on my Color Classic but no luck so far. After getting the right version of python installed I've run the makefile, and i have the exported Testimages directory, but trying to copy the various system folders to an actual Mac OS Standard partition hangs my G4 cube every time. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the output, I admit I am not clear on what the .idump and .rdump files are.
  7. KnobsNSwitches

    内芝製作所 BookcaSE

    Even something like a commercially produced case that looks like this, but takes, say a 9.7" LCD and raspberry pi would be really slick. That way there doesn't need to be the cannibalization of existing PowerBooks etc
  8. KnobsNSwitches

    Pismo Firewire and miniDV transfer

    iMovie 1 and 2 were both OS 9 apps if I recall. I know I captured miniDV video on an iMac DV back when it was new so a 400 mhz G3 should do the trick.
  9. KnobsNSwitches

    内芝製作所 BookcaSE

    Never heard of this thing, very cool! I’d like to know more about your black adb keyboard, too.
  10. KnobsNSwitches

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    In messing around with the remote this morning, it suddenly started working....so that's kind of a mystery. The floppy drive was the same way. My MacTV is mysterious. In other news, I got a broken NES that has been in a box for ages working, but the colors look weird on the mac tv. Now, admittedly, i haven't had an NES hooked up to a real tv in a very long time, but the sky in Super mario bros is purple, and everything is all washed out. Color looks just fine in Mac mode. Not sure what the issue is yet. My phone camera did not capture it too well
  11. KnobsNSwitches

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    Recently got a a Macintosh TV in a lot with some other machines. Trying to avoid becoming a hoarder I was going to sell it, but just looking at it's cool black case I sort of fell in love with it. So I'm clearing out another machine or two and keeping this one. Boarded needed a very thorough washing and so it needs a recap, but there's one capacitor I'm not sure about yet. I don't have a CD caddy so I haven't tested that yet, but after several attempts the floppy drive is working now. Obviously didn't include the cool black keyboard, I'd love to track one down (or a NEXT one), does any one know if there are other black ADB peripherals? Also, I have a performa remote which works fine with a 6500, but the Mac TV doesn't respond to it. I haven't tried to track that down yet.
  12. KnobsNSwitches

    Fans.....who needs 'em?

    I put a Noctua fan in my CC for the same reasons as above. Admitedly, being that I never see it, it never even crossed my mind that that it was an ugly color...but it was a very very worthwhile upgrade.
  13. KnobsNSwitches

    Macintosh TV Recap ?

    I've got a Mac TV that didn't boot until it had a thorough scrubbing. It seems it's time to replace the 5 electrolytic caps. Does anyone know what cap is at C195? It's labelled as 100 uf 25v, but I want to make sure I get a tantalum one that's the right size. I can post a pic later if that helps. I reached out to our resident cap expert trag but he doesn't carry that one. Before I try and guess on digikey/mouser thought I'd ask.
  14. KnobsNSwitches

    Third generation (3G) iPod and Mac OS 9

    Apparently firmware 2.0.1 has been relatively hard to find fo several years now. It once was hosted here as well, also gone and not captured: http://alphaxion.dyndns.org/utils/utils.shtml This is all assuming i can get teh windows version of it to work...
  15. KnobsNSwitches

    Third generation (3G) iPod and Mac OS 9

    I'm still searching for this, and I'm gonna keep updating my thread as I go. Does anyone have the original CD that came with the third gen iPod? There's a good chance what I'm looking for is on there. If Apple hadn't shutdown their old download pages, I'd be good to go... the windows version of the updater even has it's own page: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1210?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US But the download goes nowhere and archive.org doesn't have it.