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  1. KnobsNSwitches

    Third generation (3G) iPod and Mac OS 9

    Apparently firmware 2.0.1 has been relatively hard to find fo several years now. It once was hosted here as well, also gone and not captured: http://alphaxion.dyndns.org/utils/utils.shtml This is all assuming i can get teh windows version of it to work...
  2. KnobsNSwitches

    Third generation (3G) iPod and Mac OS 9

    I'm still searching for this, and I'm gonna keep updating my thread as I go. Does anyone have the original CD that came with the third gen iPod? There's a good chance what I'm looking for is on there. If Apple hadn't shutdown their old download pages, I'd be good to go... the windows version of the updater even has it's own page: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1210?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US But the download goes nowhere and archive.org doesn't have it.
  3. KnobsNSwitches

    Third generation (3G) iPod and Mac OS 9

    Just going to keep adding to this for posterity: https://forums.ilounge.com/threads/ipod-itunes-and-mac-os-9-2.25093/ Looks like the file I seek is called 'iPod201.dmg'
  4. KnobsNSwitches

    Third generation (3G) iPod and Mac OS 9

    Does anyone out there have a collection of old iPod firmwares? I have found a couple posts (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/350308) mentioning an older version of the iPod 3rd gen working in OS 9 on an older firmware version. I have 2.3 installed, and I can find .ipsw for that version, but anything older i have not found.
  5. KnobsNSwitches

    2400c - How to keep it working?

    I have a voodoo trick that works on mine. Try leaving it plugged in for a few hours so the battery charges. Then disconnect the power adapter, and remove the battery. Then, holding down the power button, push the battery back in.
  6. KnobsNSwitches

    Awful Macintosh SE FDHD Revival

    Love it. Watching with interest!
  7. KnobsNSwitches

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    Hard to take a pic of this, but I replaced the fan in my Color Classic with an Noctua fan, and it is nearly silent. The Noctua included 2 different adapters for different volume (fan speed) levels, but the two weren't labelled as to the difference, so I'm not sure which was which. But either way, it's a big upgrade. I have it sitting next to my Cube and am loving the quiet.
  8. This is so delightfully weird, i love it. I have never heard of such a thing.
  9. KnobsNSwitches

    Select boot volume on startup

    System Picker https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/system-picker should be just what you need!
  10. KnobsNSwitches

    iBook G3 Snow White 2001

    I worked at an AASP when the icebooks were current. Smelly keyboard syndrome was (is!) real. It is a very particular odor, and I can recall it to this day. Maybe whatever was causing it had to do w/ local weather humidity or something? Which explains why some folks have never smelled it and others insist it's endemic to the models.
  11. KnobsNSwitches

    Third generation (3G) iPod and Mac OS 9

    Just bumping this to see if anyone else has tried this. Thanks!
  12. KnobsNSwitches

    Newton / Kodak picture card adapter ?

    The Newton natively only support Linear Flash, which is not what a compact flash card is. However! You can download ATA Support here: https://www.kallisys.com/ and you can use a compact flash card in a PCMCIA adapter. You won't be able to transfer files by putting them on the card, the Newton's storage of 'soups' aren't exactly files, but you can expand your Newton's storage this way.
  13. KnobsNSwitches

    JRL's Conquests

    I believe I have a stock 2400 CPU. Let me check and get back to you.
  14. KnobsNSwitches

    Newbie Newton questions...

    For the 2000/2100 you would need a AA battery 'cage', in my experience the rechargeable packs are more common with those. Any 100 series just takes AA's as is, and modern rechargeable AA's last a good while. Newtontalk is the best resource for Newton info, if you're not used to a mailing list you can search the archives at the site.
  15. KnobsNSwitches

    Third generation (3G) iPod and Mac OS 9

    I recently picked up a working 3rd gen iPod (dock connector, 4 buttons across the top only charges via firewire), and I'm trying to see if I can get it to show up in iTunes 2 in Mac OS 9. I'm connected to a G4 cube via firewire, I know OS 9 never did anything w/ USB syncing and ipods. I found a couple old posts out there (https://forums.ilounge.com/threads/3g-ipod-and-os9.5724/) and it seems like it should be possible, but I'm not sure. I even tried Audion but that just freezes when the iPod is attached. The iPod does show up in the Finder as a Firewire disk and behaves normally there. Nothing ever shows up in iTunes. Has any one ever tried this?