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  1. max1zzz

    Mac Plus or Mac SE?

    On my plus I had to resolder the Flyback, Yolk Connector and the analogue -> logicboard connector (J1), I believe the flyback and J1 where the issues but the Yolk connector was visibly cracked too. You also need to make sure you remove as much of the old solder as possible and flow new solder on or you won't get a good connection I'm betting it's the flyback joints on your board, they seems to often get overlooked when people are working on these analogue boards
  2. max1zzz

    Need soldering help, likely damaged board :(

    The TS100 is a good choice for a upgrade from a ordinary iron if you don't want to pay for something like a FX-951 (It has a integrated tip+element like the 951) I love my FX-951, but at more than £200 for the station then £15ish for the tips I tend to only use it where it is really required (generally just modern logicboards) and use my TS100 or old style Antex iron for anything else
  3. Just a thought, where you testing with a logicboard attached? From what I understand a 512k analogue board will not regulate correctly with no load and will make exactly the sound you described
  4. I found a lid! It was of course in a draw of completely unrelated parts If you want it it's your for £5 + shipping
  5. max1zzz

    LCIII battery 'splosion

    That looks correct to me I wrote a program to split rom files for me in the past, never thought to look for a option to do it in the minipro software, I'm kinda annoyed at how much time I wasted doing that now.... oh well at least it worked
  6. Sure no problem, just give me a shout when you need it
  7. max1zzz

    Building the fastest Power Mac 9600

    I did actually start drawing up such a interposer card a couple of years back (or it might have been to replace 7400 series chips with one of the newer ones, I can't remember what mac I was targeting with it) but got board manually drawing the BGA footprint's as I couldn't find them online, I was also a little unsure how well a normal fibreglass PCB would survive being hot air soldered Maybe it's time for a revisit
  8. Yeah I do have the EMI shield, If you want it you can have it for the cost of shipping
  9. max1zzz

    PowerBook 1x0 FDD pinout

    Dose anyone have the pinout for the PowerBook 1x0 series FDD connector? I am wondering if it could be adapted to work with desktop mac's (I have case mod project I need a FDD for and recently found a couple of powerbook FDD drives which would work better than the desktop drives as they are slimmer)
  10. Brass mounts are missing unfortunately
  11. If you want to use a SIL3112 based card keep in mind you will need to replace the flash chip on it with either a AM29LV040 or a SST39LV040 (Or is it SST39LF040? it's been so long i'm not 100% sure....) flashed with the sonnet firmware (it dose flash ID checks so it has to be one of those two chips), they don't just work out of the box I have a couple of flashed 3112's around still if they are of interest to you, I did have issues with them on some models but the seemed to work fine on my Sawtooth
  12. Just had a look, unfortunately the only lid's I have got have broken screw mounts (I guess that's why they are spare) and I don't seem to have any LCD cables at all. I'll have another quick look around as I am sure I had more parts than I have found but I am not hopeful that I'll find anything else
  13. Do you have the original battery? If you do your best bet would be to re cell it, If not tbh I wouldn't worry about the battery, the 1x0 series will run just fine off just a AC adapter. The HDD is a bit more tricky as the 2.5" SCSI drives are very hard to come by, there is the SCSI2SD powerbook edition which will probably be your best bet It might be the weekend before I have a chance to dig up the box of 1x0 series parts but I'll let you know once I have
  14. I have a hole box on PB 1x0 series part's in to loft, I'll have a look at some point in the next couple of days and see if I have the parts you need
  15. max1zzz

    IIx Chimes of death

    New ROM Simm PCB's arrived today It boots! Only issue i had is my PCB's are a bit thin, the original simm seemed to be a bit thinner than the normal 1.6mm PCB's so i went for the next size down (1.2mm) but this is too thin to make contact with the slot in the IIx, it dose however make contact with the slot in the IIcx so maybe the one in the IIx is just damaged? either way I fixed it by tinning the contacts on the simm, probably not the most reliable fix long term but it dose the job for now I can now finally get on with actually restoring the IIx and maybe actually using it