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  1. IPalindromeI

    FUN CHALLENGE: 2006 iMac in 2019

    My parents are using a Core Solo MacMini1,1 with Windows 10. It's usable if you have patience.
  2. IPalindromeI

    68K/early PPC with onboard AAUI 100mbps ethernet?

    The Mac was never going to be a gaming platform due to Apple's apathy towards it post-II and the Mac's poor suitability towards gaming. Big framebuffers + no acceleration features like sprites + slow CPU + slow I/O between those = bad gaming platform. For the audio you got, mono was a silly limitation, but good enough and enough to compete.
  3. IPalindromeI

    CPU Upgrade / Overclocking Centris 650

    The ones that are successful do.
  4. IPalindromeI

    2017-09-23 Beta Site Testing

    get me ready :^)
  5. IPalindromeI

    Old Mac, Modern Internet

    Seriously people; setting up stunnel or an HTTPS stripping/converting proxy or just using big boy machines to do the net work for you is the future. (Or living in some kind of VPN/LAN full of retro stuff.)
  6. IPalindromeI

    1920x1200@24bit on G4 under OS9: available options?

    FWIW, I run 24bpp 1080p just dandy on an OG GeForce DDR. It also worked on a TNT2, but was quite poky at it. Both had a crisp VGA output at 1080p.
  7. Relevant jwz article.
  8. IPalindromeI

    Apple Module Identification Manual Jun 1994

    Really depends on Jason Scott not-dying and steady donations.
  9. IPalindromeI

    Clamshell iBook!

    I personally prefer Word 6, but I believe you can get translators for Word 6 or ClarisWorks that let you save Word 97 files - which modern Word supports for sure.
  10. Probably won't be very useful, seeing as Classilla already exists, the 1998 build of Mozilla is *extremely* primitive (IIRC, it's quite broken and below NS4 in capability.) It'd be a cool exercise anyways though. If you want something practical to port though, NetSurf seems like a good candidate.
  11. IPalindromeI

    MLA Forum Access from Older Macs

    Guys, Telnet's kinda lame. It's cool if you have no TCP stack and just a modem, but half the fun is using graphical dinguses that talk with simple and standard protocols to servers.
  12. IPalindromeI

    MLA Forum Access from Older Macs

    Screw the web. Make NNTP Great Again.
  13. IPalindromeI

    Javascript slows down a G4

    9 is a lot more fun and retro though. X will just make it seem like a slower modern computer.
  14. IPalindromeI

    Javascript slows down a G4

    JavaScript slows down far newer and faster machines. Your best bet would be aggressive NoScript usage to only whitelist the bare minimum. (Which is a good idea on any system. Or just not use a G4 as a daily driver, but as a retro thing.)
  15. IPalindromeI

    Wiki/Pages article ideas

    I mean, you could use either an SSL stripping tunnel or proxy too...