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  1. Ok, I managed to play with MacTCP and now Network Time works. Incidentally, are there any urls still viable just to see how Mosaic renders them? So far I cannot get to load anything.
  2. I have the router from the company that provides IPs in the 168.x values and an airport that is set to provide 10.0.1.x, I tried to hook the PB100 to both using respectively and I can see the printer and other vintage macs in the same network but cannot get to get out onto the internet. A more recent PB Wallstreet can surf the web from the same ethernet cable with the same IP address (dhcp though).
  3. I am trying to get onto the internet this PB100 running System 7.0.1up via MacTCP via fixed IP. It can print to a networked LaserWriter 12/640, but no internet, no email, no ftp, not even network time. I recall working flawlessy when I had dsl, but now with gigabit fiber I believe that something has changed. Is it still possibile to get this thing on the internet?
  4. Case positively closed: the early 2005 logic board of the liquid cooled 2x2.7 GHz PowerMac accept the 2.0 GHz FX processors. See picture:
  5. While at my project of fixing my busted G5 collection (accumulation) I discovered that some 2x2.0 GHz configurations have a logic board with the plug for the pump, so I assume that the upgrade of these units with 2.5 or 2.7 GHz processors (the only cooled by liquid excluding later dual) is feasible. Any thoughts on this? Logic board number is: 820-1592.
  6. bengi3

    PowerBook 100 & black screen

    I now have several good boards and several lcs. I managed to completely rebuild two flawless PB 100. Now I have some recapped logic boards and 4 lcd: 3 blacks and 1 good (but with a colums of dead pixels due to a crack in a corner). The 3 black lcds stay black with any logic and the good one is fine with any logic, so it must be something in the lcd circuitry. In my testing i am using the same inverter stuff, I swap only the lcd panel.
  7. bengi3

    PowerBook 100 & black screen

    I resurrect this old thread because I tested a bunch of black lcd with know good logic board and good inverter. Basically I simply swapped the black lcds to a known good combination of inverter and logic. Lcd recapped but the black syndrome stays therefore it must be something else on the lcd circuitry.
  8. Ok. So I ended up buying two more processors. Although they were 2.5GHz not the 2.7GHz (I wanted the 2.7 because these were the original and because there is a sort of historical value, being the 2.7 GHz PowerPC processor the one with the highest clock ever installed on a Mac) I could rule out a couple of bad logic boards and resurrect this Mac, which I bought new, back in 2005. I managed to calibrate the thing with the air cooling system and the original pump connected outside the case, however I had to rerun the calibration three times after swapping the two CPU and plugging another pump (with the first pump I kept getting the “intake fan speed error”, and before swapping the CPUs I got the “tafs out of range”).
  9. Went back to LCS. No chime. Back to air no chime. These G5 are a nightmare. Long ago I promised to myself to forget about G5s and then came this one from my university lab... what a frustration!
  10. Made the final transplant along with new thermal paste, but the 2.7 runs too hot. I think I will go back to the liquid cooling. This is what happens whilst loading a web page: E134D66E-9A2F-4B3F-839C-CD3DA023DA14.MOV
  11. The pipe is the weird thing attached to the processor board and kept bond by two screws and thermal pad (not easy to take apart). I believe that the original can stay, but some guys suggest to swap this too.
  12. Did you leave the daughter pipes or replaced those too?
  13. Found another dead G5, this time the processors were ok, so I fixed my original 2.7. Processors air cooled modification followed by calibration with the pump connected. is it now safe to remove the pump? I am not so sure.
  14. bengi3

    Holy Moly SCSI->IDE 2.5 Adapter

    I am trying to get it work with a bare 500 MB IDE pulled from a PB 190, similar age should be less problematic, or am I wrong and should use more recent IDE stuff?
  15. bengi3

    Holy Moly SCSI->IDE 2.5 Adapter

    Tonight I want to try with a blackbird, PB 540