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  1. tokyoracer

    Carrera040 cachecard add-on cloning

    Oh this is looking fantastic! Hats off to you sir, I have no idea how you pulled this off but you have. Will be following closely and hopefully will take one of these for my Cache-less one in my IIci if you ever sell one. Pretty sure mine's a 40MHz one so not sure if I will have some stability issues my end. Might be worth compiling a list of tested CPU's.
  2. tokyoracer

    mattsoft's IIfx

    Probably, though USA -> UK seems to be steeper than vice-versa. If you change your mind later down the line, just give me a shout. Though frankly, getting hold of anything old and computery, you're almost always better off over there, especially Mac stuff. Best if luck regardless.
  3. tokyoracer

    mattsoft's IIfx

    If you can hold on a while, you can have mine, aslong as you don't mind it being a bit yellow.
  4. tokyoracer

    mattsoft's IIfx

    I only wish my IIfx I got several years ago was this good. Sadly as expected, it got double Maxell bombed. Only thing I ever salvaged was the CPU, FPU, PSU and the case. Board was totally written off. The latter 2 I still have somewhere in my Dad's loft. Probably end up selling them off since I don't ever see myself getting a working IIfx board. Anyway, always nice to see one of these beasts up and running,.or atleast in good shape. Definitely worth the effort not restoring if feasible.
  5. tokyoracer

    Dumb*]#* eBay sellers

    As an occasional seller on eBay, I always go out of my way to pack things to a ridiculous level. And yet just a few weeks ago, had to deal with a buyer who I'm absolutely certain deliberately broke something just to claim a refund. Left my first negative too just to be a complete arseh*le (which eBay refused over and over to remove despite me refunding and never receiving it). Seems that no matter how you pack, if it isn't the delivery company, they buyer will find a way to f*** the item up and screw you as a genuine seller from time to time but I digress. I'vedefinitely had some items that got completely mullered by poor packing or unscrupulous couriers (who I can only assume use parcels as a hockey puck). The service the seller uses seens to make a huge difference from my experience, at least here in the UK. I've had some things packed like your printer, thankfully have arrived to me with minimal/no damage, bit only in a few cases.
  6. tokyoracer

    6100 Sonnet sticker location.

    You won't regret it fella, such a useful tool on anything that has a Mac floppy header/port. Can even work on the Apple II series.
  7. tokyoracer

    6100 Sonnet sticker location.

    FloppyEmu will really save yourself alot of hassle. Failing that, you can do what I did and get a collection of (~600MB) random Mac stuff and burn a CD on Leopard at the slowest speed and pray that your vintage CD Mac's can just about read them.
  8. I have a similar issue. Though my IIvx doesn't power on for ages when plugged in, it only powers on after being left plugged in for some time. But like yours, it witches on all by itself seemingly randomly. Not that it's ideal, but would it not be easier to just buy/use a random standard 'kettle' style power lead that it uses and wire in a switch like a lamp has? It won't fix the problem but it will guarantee it won't turn in by itself.
  9. tokyoracer

    Awful Macintosh SE FDHD Revival

    Wow, just wow. You sir definitely deserve that result after all that hard work. Kudos! Funny when working methodically, there's always something really obvious and stupid that's amiss.
  10. tokyoracer

    Awful Macintosh SE FDHD Revival

    That's absolutely insane. I definitely would have given up fore sure. You're an inspiration Potato. All that hard work and what it looks like now, it might actually, possibly, hopefully, with some wood-touching, power on to maybe something on screen.
  11. I'm fairly sure my SE/30 had a green HD access LED. Perhaps that just used whatever LED they had in stock at the time?
  12. tokyoracer

    PowerBook 540c hinge restoration: SUCCESS!!!

    I think these files should definitely be uploaded somewhere for all to access. Definitely alot of PB users here that need this. However like yours, both my 500 series lappies need some kind of center piece fix though. If only there was a similar solution for my PB150... Been tempted just to say sod it and drill a hole and stick a bolt thorough and be done with it.
  13. tokyoracer

    new FPU completely blocks startup

    Also worth making sure pins on the FPU and / or the socket doesn't have bent pins or ones shorting on eachother. Quite easy to have two pins touch on a PLCC chip.
  14. Does it not power on at all? I wonder if someone tried to plug it in directly to a 240v outlet. Hopefully the worst that could happen is an internal fuse has blown, or maybe some chunky easy to source mains input components. Could be slot worse though of the voltage managed to travel further. As for converting to 240v, chances are the only way would be to swap out the analogue board to that of a 240v model. Certainly that would be the easiest way. If you did that, it should be a straight swap I'd imagine. I don't know if the circuitry on the 120v board may be different as it's obviously doesn't have to handle the voltage 'grunt'. If it is the same, then it may be possible to convert by cahnging some input voltage components, but don't take my word on that!
  15. tokyoracer

    Carrera040 cachecard add-on cloning

    They definitely don't look like they would be easy to source, I hope I'm proven wrong. If you do score a load, how do you hope to solder them on? Looks like it would be a real bugger to do by hand.