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  1. Juror22

    Possibly Awesome Haul Tomorrow

    I know that switch998 has asked for some of the parts to the 6115, but if the CD bezel is not already spoken for, could I buy that from you? I have a 6115 that has the blank center and I when I want to use the CD, I have to remove the lid. Great job on the retrobrite and cleanup by the way - the plastics look amazing.
  2. Juror22

    Personal Grail Conquest: Payphone. Yep. :D

    I thought that home, rotary phones were cool to pick up, but these are WAY better. VeryNice!
  3. Juror22

    Need soldering help, likely damaged board :(

    The needle is relatively thin and will pick up (and loose) heat pretty quickly. You won't need solder to increase the heat conduction and it should work fine just placing the soldering iron tip in contact with the needle (that's why you need to hold the needle with locking pliers).
  4. Juror22

    Need soldering help, likely damaged board :(

    It doesn't look so bad (you just need to clean up the holes from the pictures that you posted), so I would a) clean it up a bit with some alcohol, using a Q-tip or similar appliance (don't get heat near the alcohol, you don't want to catch it or yourself on fire) b) get a pair of locking pliers and a needle that has the same diameter (close is fine) as the lead on the capacitor c) put the needle into the hole, while holding it with the locking pliers, then heat the needle close to, but not touching the pad/hole and pushing slightly, so that it melts the old solder and pushes it out of the hole. d) clean it again with alcohol, using a Q-tip or similar appliance (see previous fire warning) e) (my personal take - get rid of that crappy lead free solder, use some nice 85/14/1 with flux) and an appropriate (not high) heat. Test by applying the solder to the tip of the soldering tool, if it melts quickly without scorching, you are ready to rock-n-roll f) insert the capacitor (correctly oriented) into the newly clean holes, heat the wire attached to the capacitor near the holes and apply new solder, allowing it to wick onto the pad/hole/wire assembly. Do not use a hand drill, unless you have done that before and KNOW what you are doing. You can substitute IPA for alcohol if you got it.
  5. Juror22

    eBay IIci WTF

    It needs new caps as well - the dust is a little darker near the caps, likely they won't be around much longer. That was a great picture by the way, lots of detail, I can't believe that its an eBay pic.
  6. Juror22

    Dumb*]#* eBay sellers

    I don't think that I have ever seen an LC with that screw in it. Not that I've seen hundreds, but I've seen a lot and I can't remember any of those being screwed shut.
  7. Juror22

    6100 Sonnet sticker location.

    Thanks to you both - that's exactly the information that I was looking for! I'll give it a go.
  8. Juror22

    6100 Sonnet sticker location.

    Since all the Sonnet owners seem to be looking in on this thread, does anyone know the lowest OS (it says 8.5 on Everymac for this card) that can be loaded on a 6116 with a Sonnet G3 400/1M. Is it possible to use , say 8.1 or maybe even 7.5.3? I have a couple of nice 9.2 machines already, so I would prefer to have something a little lower if possible. More in line with the topic, mine came with everything in the box, except for the sticker!
  9. Juror22

    At last, a IIfx

    I don't think that it was that one - it looks like this one... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Macintosh-IIfx-Does-Not-Power-on-Missing-Top-Cover-AS-IS-/124186310768 Looks like a monster of a machine! I am curious how much RAM did it come with?
  10. Juror22

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    I have a Sony PRD-250 with the Powerbook SCSI cable, but never found the Mac install disk. There is a FWB CD-ROM toolkit that may provide the functionality that you need. Not sure if it will work, but it was suggested in a Google groups discussion. No idea what version(s) to try.
  11. Juror22

    Possibly Awesome Haul Tomorrow

    That looks like a lot of work to clean them all up, but you have some nice machines and a good assortment of peripherals. An excellent haul and I hope that you enjoy getting them all running. Its nice to come across Apple II's these days, and I found it very easy to get mine up and running (initially I had no disks) with ADTPro. Congratulations and I look forward to reading more about your finds.
  12. Juror22

    Quadra 700 vertical feet

    Those make me smile!
  13. I don't know that it is very surprising, but I use a USB floppy drive attached to my High Sierra MBP to write files to a floppy and then read the file off of the floppy onto my LCIII, running 7.1. The floppy is formatted for MS-DOS and I have PC Exchange on the LCIII. I have to fix the filename when it arrives, but to quickly move a couple of files, it is pretty handy.
  14. I have a spare LCIII case! I long suspected that it might fit (the power supplies were interchangeable). I'm gonna start looking for a Quadra 605 MB!
  15. Juror22

    iBook G3 Snow White 2001

    That's gotta be it! I still have my activation code for that, after all these years.