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  1. Sorry to hear about your heart troubles. Your health definitely comes first; don’t feel bad about taking care of yourself for a bit, especially considering the crazy amount of progress you’ve already made on this in such a short time.
  2. ravuya

    Daniël's Conquests

    If you need another, the original LC PSU power switch is an Arcolectric 8550V family. I replaced mine with a T8550VBAAA from Digikey for $2.
  3. ravuya

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    If anything, a NeXT ADB keyboard is less rare than a MacTV one. I had to look for awhile to find mine and got lucky. Super jealous of that trackball, though... who made it?
  4. ravuya

    New ResPatch patching tool

    Could you add a feature to have it make a backup of the files before patching them? What error does it give if you've already patched? I assume the target signature doesn't exist then.
  5. That's an impressive bit of work, and so clean too. Is it possible to use a giant capacitor to keep things alive while the switchover happens, or is the relay just super-duper slow?
  6. ravuya

    Trick to desolder thru holes?

    Happy to help. It definitely made a recent job (Famicom AV board) go a lot smoother since I could just push old wires out of the holes. Since they were an impulse buy, it did take me a few months before I figured out this is what they were really good at. Usually in my experience cleaning things with wick (as long as you have enough flux on the wick) makes solder not stick into the holes. The wick grabs it up too fast, like brushing a paper napkin over a soap bubble blower wand if that makes sense.
  7. ravuya

    Performa 550 Logic board

    It looks a bit like humidity damage - Japanese machines often aren’t stored in anything approaching a climate-controlled environment. Try brushing a bit of vinegar and then alcohol on there first and see if it goes away.
  8. ravuya


    Thanks for doing this and especially for the quality write-up. I look forward to learning from it!
  9. SmallyMouse2 could work, it's to provide a semi-universal USB to quadrature mouse converter. It looks like there's also a new project called mouSTer which is in development and should make a really nice clean tiny adapter PCB, and has joystick support for some reason, but no Mac emulation mode as of yet (maybe you could help them add it?)
  10. ravuya

    Trick to desolder thru holes?

    Old thread, but I figured I would chip in with some info. I've just gotten a set of "desoldering needles" from AliExpress. They're basically stainless steel needles that you put into the heated-up joint and solder won't stick to them. They clear holes fairly well, although I've only needed to use the smallest one and the plastic handle is getting a little melty from heat over time. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32848142453.html Lots of vendors for these, so please shop around.
  11. ravuya

    Basket Case PowerBook 180c

    That's some really dedicated work, impressive commitment. I wonder if it is feasible to make a new flat flex cable using e.g. an Oshpark flex PCB service? Probably not cheap, and likely would take just as long to do all the measurements. Any luck with the trackball bezel? I'm looking for some rollers for my 145, but I also don't want to buy the entire trackball assembly. Now I'm considering taking some measurements and following your lead to make my own
  12. ravuya

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    The NES composite has a bunch of weird things going on with the sync so sometimes TVs get confused about the "white level" of a signal, if that makes sense. One of my side projects is puzzling through adding a composite output to a Famicom (Japanese NES.) It works okay but the blue is oddly intense. You have any luck getting the remote to do things on the 6500? I'd be curious as an experiment to try developing an IR launcher program that could run AppleScripts or something, but none of my machines (other than the MacTV) have IR.
  13. ravuya

    Help with LCII Repair

    I'm really curious about this too - I had thought the EGRET was more custom than it actually is, but now that I look at the ADB technotes it does seem to be a 68hc05 microcontroller (looks like it's even inside CUDA on the PPCs). I don't know if the pinout is feasible or if it's a custom package that would require a wiring adapter.
  14. ravuya

    Daniël's Conquests

    Current is drawn by the eMate, so a 2A adapter should be just fine as the eMate isn't expected to draw more than 1.2A. The error is probably coming from some battery management system noticing that it's putting juice into the battery but the battery isn't recharging.