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  1. I don't know about converting video formats but will mention that some of the video cards use Xilinx FPGAs which are configured by their driver. In other words the FPGA doesn't know what it's doing logically, until the driver loads and downloads a bit stream to the FPGA on the video card.
  2. trag

    KnobsNSwitches Conquests

    There are black NeXT ADB mice as well...
  3. trag

    Outbound Laptop documentation?

    Depending on which you mean, it does some auto-detection to see what's installed. As far as whatever parameters it saves, that seems to be purely contained in the application. In theory, we should be able to hack that thing to provide support for additional drives beyond what was originally supported. I remember a message from someone who had hacked it to the extent of manually setting the configuration for his Outbound from the available choices, rather than letting the installer detect it. Unfortunately I can't remember if that was an old email, Usenet posting or other.
  4. trag

    Outbound Laptop documentation?

    I don't think the CF card will work but it's worth a try. The supported hard drive configurations are built into the Outbound Firmware. There's a pair of little 64Kbit Flash chips on the logic board. When one runs the software "Installer" one of the first things it does is check the configuration and flash those chips with software to support with the floppy drive or the appropriate sized hard drive. Are you old enough to remember setting cyclinder, heads, sectors (?) or something like that on PCs when installing a hard drive? It's basically that process, slightly automated and with a very limited set of choices. 20, 40, 60 and maybe 80 MB hard drives are supported. The 2.5" Connor drives in those sizes seem to work. In think the model numbers were 2044, 2064, 2084. It's been so many years since I've looked at this stuff. There is no circuitry in the hard drive cable/connector. It's just a cable and perhaps a board to arrange the wires/provide the correct size connector.
  5. Have you cleaned and replaced the heat sink grease on the CPU? At that age, it's probably a white crust, not doing its job any more. I have seen similar issues on 7100 machines which cleaning and replacing the CPU heat sink compound fixed. The CPU overheats very quickly without good compound. If you do replace it, be very gentle. The CPU is fragile and can be cracked with undue pressure. Also, do not overapply the replacement grease. Too much and it can run off the CPU onto the pins and cause shorts.
  6. trag

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    Yeah, what Jessenator said. Ouch. Of course, until someone checks, we can hope that a smaller minimum and/or price applies. In 2011 the minimum was around 20, but that may have been a time when they had stock on hand. Now the difference could be that they're running off a new manufacturing batch every time. It's too bad The Connector People didn't have them on hand. I emailed them to check about the 8807 because they had so many of the 8817 on hand, and received a kind response very quickly that they have none of the 8807.
  7. While your letter is comprehensive and well written and makes several good points, if I might offer a bit of criticism... These two phrases in the first paragraph: " your personality prevents any reasonable negotiation." "You come across as knowing everything.´╗┐ " Are likely to offend her to the point where she pays no attention to the rest of the letter. It might have been better to omit items that could be considered personal insults. On the other hand, I fully understand wanting to point out how those behaviors were affecting the transaction.
  8. It was quite the fad a decade or three ago. With people setting up home gold extraction systems and poisoning themselves....
  9. Occasionally you'll see a "collection" that is all the machines from a former service/repair store, which could not be repaired. In other words, they all had a serious enough problem it wasn't worth it to the owner to pay the diagnosis fee to get them back. Or they just let the repair place have them rather than dispose of the machine themselves.
  10. trag

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    Apparently the 200 conductor version of this connector is used for the CPU card in some model of Amiga. Here's a forum message from Amibay which might be useful to Bolle, as it references a German supplier. However, it is from 2011.
  11. trag

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    These people: https://www.connectorpeople.com/Connector/KEL/8 Have the several hundred of the KEL 8817-140-170 available. Which doesn't really help us. I have contacted them to ask about the 8807 part. Here is the new datasheet from KEL. It encompasses both the 8807 and 8817. All their parts have been updated to be ROHS compliant which changed the last couple of letters a bit The 8807 is still a current part from KEL. It might be worth contacting them. https://www.kel.jp/english/product/product_detail/id=380&p_search=1 8817-140-170.pdf
  12. trag

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    Consider though, that a IIci could be run with a total of 4MB of RAM. If you configure the IIci with 4MB of RAM and it has a 4MB cache, then everything the IIci does, actually hits the cache. Of course, diminishing returns means that might only be 10% faster than having a 32KB cache. Perhaps the IIci is close to minimum wait states already with a more modest cache. But that's what makes it an interesting experiment.
  13. trag

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    Yes, that is extremely helpful. The first challenge in tracking down those old parts is to find the actual part number and manufacturer. Did KEL still have a datasheet posted for the connector? That could be helpful too, with dimensions on the pad/hole placement. If the part is unobtainium, it might be practical to substitute some other connector that will fit in the same footprint.
  14. trag

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    There are some detailed notes in one of the Apple books. Either Cards and Drivers or Family Hardware. Not detailed enough to actually build a card... One will also need to understand the 680x0 bus and how transactions are conducted and how they can be interrupted. There might have been a Motorola tech note floating around too. I can't remember. The IIci uses a bunch of extra circuitry to manage the cache and essentially take over the address/data busses. On Power PC either the CPU or the memory controller has more cache friendly capability built in -- probably the Apple memory controller as all those machines had dedicated cache slots. On the NuBus PPC, there's no need for any logic. Just supply Cache RAM and Tag RAM in proper quantities, wired to appropriate pins. On the PCI PPC it looks like Tag RAM is no longer needed, subsititure regular SRAM for the TAG SRAM. I guess the comparators were moved to the memory controller. But on the 680x0 you'll need some kind of CPLD to manage the 680x0 bus. I'm not sure about the Quadras, but the IIci has 8MB of address space allocated to cache, which would presumably be, 4MB of cache and 4MB of Tag. It would be interesting to roll up a 4MB cache for the IIci and see what happens.
  15. I think I've installed this one, but the memory is dim: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001B7XYZO $15 shipped from Amazon. G4 has a PATA interface, correct? You might also consider this one for $10. https://www.amazon.com/Hitachi-gsa-s10-ranura-portátiles-MacBooks/dp/B0019WIVS6