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  1. Can you tell just by the serial number if an Apple Lisa mouse was made for the Lisa 1 or was made during it’s time? They’re probably all look the same for all versions of Lisa but I just want to know.
  2. giolicious

    MAC SE/30 with orange colored CRT

    Never seen any old Mac with an orange CRT tube. That’s interesting. Are you the original owner?
  3. I’m doing a ps2 keyboard to mac conversion using Arduino and just want to make sure about the arrow keys.
  4. I'm wondering if the M0110A keyboard works on a Macintosh 128K? If so, will arrow keys work too?
  5. giolicious

    128k mouse issues after RAM replacement

    The same thing happened to me. hahah..
  6. giolicious

    M0110 works for 4 minutes, then stops.

    It stopped working or just every 4 minutes?
  7. My Powerbook 170 has been in storage for a long time so thought i could check it and see if its still working. It powers on just fine but the sound coming from the internal speaker is too low whether its the start up chime or on the os desktop. I tried it with an earphone but still the same. Any idea before i open it?
  8. giolicious

    I saved 100+ iBook G3 Clamshells

    Anything available for me?
  9. giolicious

    800k floppy drive help!!!!

    This happened to my Mac128k before. I bought a cheaper Apple 3.5 drive (A9M0106) to test it first before opening it. The external drive works and I eventually opened my Mac and cleaned & lubricated the internal drive. It's in fully working condition now.
  10. giolicious

    800k floppy drive help!!!!

    Do you have a spare startup disk? Or might need to open and clean the internal floppy drive.
  11. giolicious

    Macintosh 128k issue

    Read Larry Pina's Macintosh Repair & Upgrade Secrets on page 83.
  12. giolicious

    Macintosh M0100 mouse horizontal movements not working

    The screw you mentioned is for the board not for the black plastic. The plastic that covers the sensors, I'm not sure if it's removable judging just by the look of it. I'm not sure. I hope someone has already done removing it.