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  1. Wow! I had no idea those were that expensive. I'd almost thing it would be easier to engineer new tooling and do it yourself or hire someone to assemble. After looking at it, I'm sure its <$5000 in tooling. Such a crazy thing to be rare. I truly had no idea.
  2. maceffects

    powerbook 5300cs

    @tappdarden You may have a point. I recently went from my newer iMac to a PowerBook 3400c and I kept thinking something was wrong with it as it wasn't bright, had backlit bleed, and crappy resolution. I think we are just spoiled with modern tech In my mind I keep thinking things were only slower but everything else was the same which is not true. I think the only think needing recapped if it is like the 100 series would be the LCD board there.
  3. maceffects

    powerbook 5300cs

    You know the issues you have with the display sounds like capacitor issues I’ve felt with on the PB 100 series passive matrix display. Given the age it might just be getting old enough. Usually 1987-1993 were the capacitor issues. You never know though. But at least it was stored in climate control it’s whole life. Have you seen the vinegar syndrome that happens to many laptops stored in high humidity and high heat areas? Very sad. My 5300 was second hand at the time but it was only a few years old and I was stoked as it replaced my equally missed Duo 270c. Likewise, it took me a long time saving money as I was young like you.
  4. maceffects

    powerbook 5300cs

    Oh how cool! I am so glad someone on here got it. The PowerBook 5300c was my second laptop I ever had. I really questioned selling this unit given that the chance of finding another is almost non-existent, but need to fund new (exciting) projects. I have both Mac and Apple II projects coming up. Oh, if you want more people looking at this you might want to mention in the title that it is sealed as a normal 5300cs isn't that exciting. Another interested buyer asked me to open the box to see what might be going on with the battery and both him and me were happy to see that it was protected from the factory. Passive-matrix isn't great but on your photos it actually looks amazing. I suspect it was because it was never used. I hope it gives you many years of service
  5. maceffects

    Replica boxing for Macintosh SE

    @quorten brilliant work! I made my 'retail box' smaller to save on shipping and did the same for the foam. The molds for the foam were $1800. I'd bet to be the same as original would be close to $4000. The good news is that boxes aren't super expensive. If you end up making some of these, I'd love to buy some. This took a lot of dedication.
  6. maceffects

    内芝製作所 BookcaSE

    @Franklinstein Yeah, it is a very cool plastic housing for sure but at these prices it is a bit steep. I'd probably be one for $400 or less. That said, I have some interesting ideas about a completely custom take on an old system that would have a custom designed PCB and modern LCD but that is a bit further down the line. Plenty of projects to finish first (IIe clear case, IIe keyboard, Xceed Clone, et cetera). Never enought time or money...
  7. A complete guess: maybe with good capacitors on the logic board it is drawing more power from the power supply as it should. These power supplies (mainly TDK) are so bad that I’d say it’s more likely a power supply issue. Even if it’s not, it should be recapped.
  8. Well, everyone knows I'd buy one I kind of wonder about making an external chassis so we can have a breakout of some kind. @Bolle if that is do able let me know and maybe I can make a case for such a device.
  9. Interesting concept! Things are differently tight in there. There might be slight interference in my opinion, but as I always say... Only one way to find out! I think this photo definitely shows how thick the plastic is. Most people just assume its cheap thin acrylic plastic
  10. @elemenoh You are right it is 466mhz. If you want I can send you a G3 500mhz or a G4 450mhz if you think the processor is bad. I have several.
  11. Yeah, I was disappointed with Operators Headgap's feet not because they were black but because the cutting job was terrible. One day, I may investigate into making correct feet.
  12. maceffects

    Xceed grayscale information

    I have some PCBs created from Bolle's design if you need bare Grayscale adapter board.
  13. maceffects

    Value of Umax PowerMac Clone

    I would think in your market maybe $100. Here the range has been around $70-$120
  14. maceffects

    Value of Umax PowerMac Clone

    I have the same one but with different silkscreen markings. I'd suppose your market is different that mine though.
  15. maceffects

    Scuznet SCSI to Ethernet Adapter PCB & parts kit

    Sure, if demand exists and it can be done cheaply enough I'd be happy to help with something like that. Though part of me wants to make a custom case for it too...