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  1. I have been reading through threads but not managed to solve this "gremlin" I have opened the iMac G4 and the CDRom opens the caddy when you press the manual eject button. Thus mechanism works. Also drive spins up when you insert media. "eject cd" in Open Firmware does not work. Left mouse button on boot does not open caddy No evident "blockage" from dome cd door. Ay ideas?
  2. patatas

    CS II Ethernet

    Ok. Thnx
  3. patatas

    CS II Ethernet

    Is there any preference for which CS II Ethernet adapter I should opt to use for a g3 iMac? performace/compatibility etc
  4. Can you repost the two pictures related to the PAL bug?
  5. patatas

    Versions of Daystar IIcx Adapters

    Tnx! the off to sell the older one!
  6. Dears I have take ownership of these two Daystar IIcx adapters which seem to be one from 1991 and one from 1993. Any ideas of differences ?
  7. MBongo great to hear on your progress.. I am currently traveling and in a fortnight I should be able to contribute as well!
  8. patatas

    Mac LC III 16mhz?

    I seem to have a similar unit...any chance the images can be reposted?
  9. I have ROM v1.1.1 and have seen the v1.1.2 in the wild. Anyone know what it "fixes?" Anyone have a dump?
  10. patatas

    DAYSTAR Universal PowerCache installation manual

    Link does not appear to work
  11. patatas

    Fitting a SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac

    Many thanks for this "tutorial" got me going in a flash
  12. Is there a way for someone with an APFS filesystem to write to HFS. I am trying to copy files to an external drive formatted for MacOS 7/8
  13. patatas

    New acquisitions..

    Uploaded image of board, before cleaning