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    SCSI2SSD for Macintosh Portable?

    You need to recap it before you do ANYTHING with it period. These logic boards are known for failing catastrophically with bad caps. Sometimes to the point where you end up the waiting queue for a replacement logic board as a few others are in.
  2. techknight

    Project to install LC575 Analogboard on Color Classic

    the convergence could have been brought back into alignment much easier by adjusting the H-STAT control on the CRT Neck PCB.
  3. the 400K drive requires a PWM signal or other special signal from the IWM thats only generated in the 128/512/Plus. Newer machines are missing that signal.
  4. techknight

    PPC7410 thermal adheasive?

    Images: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JKUke1wz27o2MYToJwM4LXDPUkAMBaHJ/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JKwlAp6ggnk8jqHcwTZQV6GlkpcFnpdQ/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JiQb2lT15D7bl7vUkYq6vYYJGxJSyJ0D/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JL8SQRhZE51wV_SM8KJiTXtb2gvBUWZ3/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JVOC8HhFKdVRMeu6q6Ax0mjmaTzAH7mN/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JNTmqkLwtupYaDrtIr9DBAjsg6ikduRe/view?usp=sharing Thoughts?
  5. techknight

    PPC7410 thermal adheasive?

    This isnt really mac related, but its the same CPU. I have a single board computer that once had a little snap clip heatsink that hugged the CPU itself, and the heatsink part screwed on. Kinda neat. But it broke.... Cant seem to find that thing anywhere, and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the PPC7410 chip or know if a thermal glue/adhesive would work on this type of chip?
  6. techknight

    PPC7410 thermal adheasive?

    Ill take a picture
  7. Thats funny. ive seen them on both sides. Maybe different board revisions were different? Edit: I had to go back and look at the photos. Yea that board version has the cutouts only on one side. Strange! ive seen it on both. So they must have had different board versions over the years.
  8. I see your cut-out borders on one side, but its missing the cutout completely on the PDS side? is this intentional? just curious.
  9. The PCB is cracked. you need to find the fracture in the PCB, and make bodge wires to reconnect the broken traces.
  10. techknight

    Repair a 15" Multiscan

    Ive ran into this problem in the past. There is a transistor that goes bad on a little tiny daughter card style PCB thats mounted on a heatsink in the rear of the monitor. You should check this. (Im going from memory, dating back to 2000, so it can be fuzzy)
  11. You have an x-ray machine handy? Yea.....
  12. techknight

    Connor Mac Portable 3045 40MB Drives

    After reading this thread, I cant seem to find anywhere that tells me "how" they are bad. Basically, what are they doing/not doing?
  13. This is one hell of a challange, and if I were to have done this, my approach would have been alot more involved and difficult. I dont know how you can take a photo and convert it back into electrical connections again, but I would have done what I know to do, and thats built a netlist of all the connections of the board, reverse it back into a schematic and layed out a new PCB from there. Anyways, seems your method is much easier. haha. Also, id love for this to be done with the SE/30. I have a pile of those boards dead and screwed from battery juice. Be forewarned, the SE/30 has traces that run in the middle layers as I saw, and I am not sure how your approach would be for that.
  14. techknight

    Issues with Mac SE/30 display (and more?)

    That looks like a bad connection on the Yoke, or the yoke itself is bad.
  15. techknight

    3D Printed SE/30 ROM Clips

    OOOOOOOO me like
  16. techknight

    SE/30 analogue board fun

    ive used rejuvenation many times in the past with TVs and other things, it doesnt last. Its a temporary thing, because what it does is blow off the oxides of the cathode material on the CRT itself, but with it you lose a bit more emissive cathode material. Eventually it will fade in short order and youll lose the CRT entirely. Its good enough to boost a little life out of it, but once it reaches that point its basically the end of the road for that CRT.
  17. techknight

    Macintosh SE/30 Restoration

    if all the lines check out, then it is likely a bad IC. Youll probably need to locate a donor board that uses the same apple sound chip, its probably easier to get your hands on a board that has a blown up battery or something and use that for parts.
  18. techknight

    SE/30 analogue board fun

    Or its a weak CRT. it can happen.
  19. techknight

    LCIII battery 'splosion

    Oh thats cool! I always used Easy68K for doing the splits.
  20. techknight

    Apple Development Team testing tool?

    Probably, if you had the software. That is the other half of this.
  21. So here is a CPP code module that basically explains how EGRET works: https://git.redump.net/mame/tree/src/mame/machine/egret.cpp?id=57eeffb661c0fd6ef6e20e1b08d8ddb6e5a0ae17 And, if you hunt around on google, you can find the ROM dump of the EGRET. So in theory, it is possible to find a NOS 68HC05 that matches in pinout, and maybe OTP program the ROM. And with this, if you dig deeper, you may be able to find more code that emulates the functions of some of apples chips, which could be used to re-create some of the old Apple chips on clones such as a new SE/30 board with GLU programmed in a CPLD. But I digress.
  22. I am not sure what you would have done to fry the EGRET. I would have to pull a schematic to see what all the EGRET does in the classic. Not sure if it handles audio at all. But I think its an HC05 or HC08 based IC, and if the ROM is known, a new one could be programmed? a little bit of chipquik mixing in with fresh solder during reflow wont hurt anything. ive done it before, although I haven't used chipquik in a very long time though.
  23. techknight

    Powerbook 170 repeated chime

    And youve tried various power adapters? if its the original Apple power adapter, its likely puked its guts out all over the place from capacitors already.
  24. techknight

    Macintosh SE/30 Restoration

    Unless the ASC chip itself is bad, you need to check every single pin on that ASC Chip back to its origin points and look for breaks. Thats ALL control lines, address lines, select lines, etc... If it all checks out, its likely a bad IC.
  25. techknight

    Apple Development Team testing tool?

    ya this is for debugging firmware on their devices. like an ICE.