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  1. Hi everyone, I am hving a little problem with my Quicksilver machine, wonder if you can help. I purchased have a 2001 QS machine. I would like to run Mac OS 9 on this machine. I have installed Mac OS 9 sucsussfully from a 9.2.1 retail cd (I dont have the original disks). The only problem I have is sound i.e. there is none. No i/o options(other than CD) or speakers are detected in the Sound Control Panel. The boot chime is audiable. Sound works fine in OS X. I have disabled / enabled extensions and reset the pram. Are there and special drivers /system files required for this machine? Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!
  2. mearnsv1

    Powermac G4 Quicksilver 2001

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned that I have a Sonnet Encore 1.8GHZ upgrade installed. I don't have the original CPU I have tried reinstalling the the OS as suggested but without luck. I think that the Sonnet CPU/Firmware may be screwing with the OS 9 installer. Does anybody know if the Powermac will run with the Sonnet CPU installed with no Sonnet firmware applied? Thanks
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    Powerbook 540c

    Hi wonder if anyone can help. I have a Powerbook 540c that was in full working order. Unfortunately the screen appears to have developed a fault. I was using the machine under normal circumstances when the screen suddenly faded to white! You can hear the rest of the machine working fine but the screen is pure white with nothing displayed. Anyone know what part I need or how to fix this problem? Thanks
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    Powerbook 2400

    Hi everyone. I have a Powerbook 2400 with a few problems. I wonder if any of you knowledgeable people can help me out? My machine works pretty well. It has a NUPower G3 upgrade, the memory is maxed at 112mb, 20gb HD, and the battery lasts around 1 hour. Problem 1 Screen flicker on battery. When running on battery, the screen backlight flashes on and off. This stops as soon as it is connected to the mains. Any idea what the problem might be? Problem 2 Sudden freeze. If using a program such as iTunes or Quicktime Player, the machine will randomly crash forcing a restart. This does not happen with less intensive programs. Again, any idea what the problem might be? Thanks in advance.
  5. mearnsv1

    Powerbook 2400

    Quick update. I opened up the 2400 which was a substantial task. The hard disk had been upgraded at some stage in the past an was not touching its heatsink. Also the thermal paste on the CPU was non existent. I removed the hard drive(for a quieter machine) and applied some new thermal paste onto the heatsink. I am running the system via a pcmcia compact flash card. So far so good. No crashing or screen flickering. Thanks for the pointers.
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    I scored a 128k with Imagewiter 1 from eBay for £50! Link The case had lots of dirt on the outside but has cleaned up well(using water only). Inside is clean. Serial number details: Your Macintosh 128 (M0001), with serial number F4143LVM0001, was the 4177th manufactured during the 14th week of 1984 in Fremont, CA I have powered this up(using a voltage converter)and it sems to work fine. No keyboard and mouse with this auction although I have these from a prevous raid. Other recent conquests: 512k upgraded to Plus £20 MacPaint + MacWrite on 400k floppys - Supplied with 512k above Powerbook 2400 with G3 and wifi card £110 Powermac 6400 £0 Powermac 6500 £0 Powermac 8600 £0 Performa 630 £0 2x micro scsi Ethernet adapters Original 233mhz imac - boxed £20 LC 2 £0 Hypercard Developer ? £0 Tons of useless cables
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    Powerbook 540c

    Thanks everyone. This fixed it! javascript:emoticon(':beige:')
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    PowerMacintosh ONE/225

    Just a note on this. I remember my school (Edinburgh) having tons of 5500s with these stickers on them back in 1998. Around 40 i think. Always remember that they came with all the extensions enabled, including software for printer,scanners zip drivers that we never had. This made them slower(mine excluded) than the 630s the replaced!