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    New to this board - Macintosh II & IIfx

    Active termination will be fine. It's older passive terminators that are the problem on the IIfx, if I remember correctly. The black terminator has an extra capacitor in it for reasons I can't remember (it's a long time since I looked into this) to make passive termination work properly.
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    Garrett's Finds

    An aside: it may be worth trying to network them, if you're transferring files around regularly. Networking classic macs is dead easy and works very well (LocalTalk is slow but effective) and you can bridge it to Ethernet in a number of ways (I use what boils down to being a spare LC II) to get files on and off more modern machines.
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    New to this board - Macintosh II & IIfx

    Welcome to the forum! Yes, this place can be a bit of a time gobbler. I joined to ask a question about video cards and... looks at my post count that was a good theory. Very nice! If I remember correctly, the difference in the Black Terminator is just a capacitor, so you might be able to either hack a normal terminator, or I believe none of it is a problem with modern(ish) active termination at all. If you end up using, say, an external scsi2sd, I believe the termination that's onboard on that should be fine (though I haven't personally tried it).
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    Do I need RF shielding?

    If it's something with a CRT in it, it's probably a good idea. It won't harm you, and it probably won't damage your other computers, but it's a good way to introduce gremlins into life, or worse, other people's lives.
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    Macintosh II - PSU Rifa values ?

    It probably is a good thing to replace; things will work without it, but it's not just there for show. And, if nothing else, the detonations add some excitement to life... That said, I don't know what the original value is, I'm afraid
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    Arduino SCSI device - Work in Progress

    (System 7 Pro! Nice.)
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    Goofy Line on PowerBook 180c Display

    Hmmm, that's good to know. Thanks. I've had good luck with VIS for logic boards but sounds like they're not careful storing other things...
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    Garrett's Finds

    Yeah, I just cut them out when I get the machines to start with. Honestly, there's ... surprisingly little call for working PRAM at all in those.
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    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    Woo! Good to see
  11. This is... believe it or not, the text that replaced "Welcome to Macintosh" in the system file when the Welcome to Macintosh box was replaced with the new splash screen thingy. So it means that something is breaking very early in the startup sequence; and if it's flashing/flickering, presumably something is happening in a tight loop? No idea beyond that, this has to be one of the least helpful symptoms one can reasonably imagine
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    Fans.....who needs 'em?

    You can just ground the differential signalling pins and speak RS232, which I assume is what's going on here...
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    SE/30 - Horizontal line on Startup

    This is a really nifty map.
  14. At least a partial SE schematic is floating around, I think I got mine from here? https://archive.org/details/Macintosh68kSchematics. IIRC, these are what the SE logic board recreation project is using...
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    Macintosh II Battery Holder Board

    I think I might? I'll have a look in a bit when I'm by the Macs. If I forget, remind me...
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    Numlock & alt let codes for symbols

    The alt+number is a PC thing, really. Generally all the accented letters and so forth are accessed by dead keys on the Mac (i.e. press a key for the accent, then press the base letter). If you want to be able to enter arbitrary characters purely from a list, I'd suggest getting hold of PopChar, which gives you a nice menu to do it.
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    ADB switch box

    If I remember correctly, @davidg5678 has it right: ADB is weird because its software can deal with hotplugging mostly fine, but the hardware can't. I can't remember the details, but I'm pretty sure it's an electric thing. So if you just have a microcontroller doing the switching and "proxying" the lines through you are probably fine?
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    ADB switch box

    I think the question was more that would photos of the inside of one be useful? I think @fabian has one—if not, I do—and I'm sure one or both of us could take photos of the innards of ours, if it would be useful
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    Beautiful work!
  20. cheesestraws

    ADB switch box

    It has been a long time since I poked this, so take this with a pinch of salt, but this is what I remember. It's legitimate for different pointing devices to have different sensitivities, so the mouse settings are tied to the ADB address of the mouse. When you hotplug the mouse, it will end up with a different ADB address, so until you tell the Mac to go and rescan the ADB bus, it will behave as a mouse but the adjustment parameters won't be applies to its movement. When the Mac rescans the bus, everything gets lined back up again. There were various utilities to force a rescan of the bus. If I am wrong, I am sure someone will correct me—I may well be. But this ought to be at least a first approximation to the truth.
  21. The last couple of weeks have been intense at work and my mental health has been poor so progress has been slower than I like. I’ve made decent headway on the passives though...
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    Lapis 10006 Rev #2 came with SE/30

    There was a semi-standard RGB DE-9 pinout, and cheap adapters for that are still available. I doubt you would get any result, but before doing anything dramatic it might be worth just trying one with a reasonably forgiving screen, especially if you can borrow one. Turbo-cheap ones cost less than 5 GBP over here.
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    MacTCP over PCMCIA ethernet slow startup

    That would be it
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    MacTCP over PCMCIA ethernet slow startup

    IIRC, there should be a "Network software selector" application in the Apple Extras folder which will automagically swap you back and forth between OT and the classic stack.
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    MacTCP over PCMCIA ethernet slow startup

    MacTCP won't start up until an application tries to use it for the first time; depending on the NIC, if TCP is the only thing bound to the card, this might mean that the link doesn't come up until it's opened. That said, a minute seems overly slow. Do you have the option of running Open Transport on that machine? It may well be faster.