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  2. beachycove

    SE/30 CMD-CTRL-POWER Reset

    Wouldn’t it be technically related to “softpower” capability, which requires both ps and logic board support, and in some systems, it seems, System software (the Autopower On Control Panel, or whatever)? Some of the later Mac functionalities required a clock, I seem to recall. Obviously, on an SE/30, there’s a switch round the back. Once running, though, you’ve got something akin to what you want in the programmer’s/ reset and interrupt button around the side; it is possible to do some mildly interesting things via the programmer’s button, including a soft reboot. Maybe that was the engineers’ expectation. It’d be interesting to know whether or not the “three fingered salute” simply duplicated what you can do via the programmer’s switch and the command line that comes up there.... Anyone know?
  3. olePigeon

    Macintosh LC Takes Forever to Boot

    I've bought new-old-stock LC motherboards before, and they had leaked capacitors. They don't have to have been used.
  4. jessenator

    4400/200 - dirty to clean

    Exactly… I've never seen numbers, but I'm guessing those two eclipsed the 4400 sales, or at the very least were kept around longer… I had never even heard of the 4400/7220 until I joined this forum. In all truthfulness, I'm preferring this upgraded 4400 over the G3 MT I got, but it might just be the optimization going on with 7.6.1—I haven't found a bootable Mac OS 8.0/8.1 image out there— I tried one from Macintosh Garden, labeled as the Beige G3 restore disc, and tried to match what little they had regarding ROM revision compatibility (my MT is rev. 3), but no dice—however, I have noticed the OE CD-ROM is spotty in its ability to read burned discs. Might just be dirty… The Plextor CD-R is just fine, and I finally got a Toast 4 upgrade so it recognizes it, so I can put it through its paces. I'll probably track down an 8.0 retail image somehow. (maybe it's on Cory's repository?) 8.5 retail booted right up, but it feels weird to me for some reason I can't pin down. I want to do a full suite of my own "tests" on the optimal OS for each, so I'm guessing it's either 8.0 or 8.1 for the Gossamer MTs/DTs, but correct me. I've read 8.6 it its time was "not all it's advertised to be" but that came from a questionable internet source. Once my loopback cable arrives I'm going to test the PC card in the 4400 first. The guy I got it from tested it and it registers as a video card, but with no drivers, etc., that's probably fairly accurate.
  5. Huh, I guess I must be lucky. My 1.5 GHz Al PowerBook has other issues, but it does detect its full 1GB across 2 512 MB sticks of ram. Interesting.
  6. Brett B.

    Macintosh LC Takes Forever to Boot

    I'd be shocked if they haven't leaked. ALL the caps in pizza box LC machines I have seen have leaked. Even those that I know were rarely used. I would almost lean more towards a power supply issue in this case, but it could go either way.
  7. jessenator

    G3s, G3s everywhere

    Lol yeah, I got cold feet and just bought a Mach64 with SOJs intact so I'll match their orientation.
  8. jessenator

    Potentially Stupid RAM Hardware Mod Question

    Could it be the updates? http://main.system7today.com/updates/76x_powerpc.html I don't have a reference to off of, really… I also have ATi drivers for the Rage128 installed. And I probably have a good deal of other extensions and such I could go turn off. As a kid I learned the hard way about turning off extensions whose purpose I didn't understand It runs really well and I don't have shortages… further optimizing wouldn't hurt I suppose.
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  10. EvilCapitalist

    G3s, G3s everywhere

    I know for a fact this chip works (ended listing) because that's what I used to upgrade the PC compatibility card I had in a long since gone 8600 tower. https://www.ebay.com/itm/254186710578?orig_cvip=true&nordt=true Surprisingly, there aren't nearly as many listings for it out there as there were when I was hunting for them. Just make certain that once you get the chips you insert them correctly oriented...unless you want to see some magic smoke coming out of your PC compatibility card
  11. EvilCapitalist

    4400/200 - dirty to clean

    Somewhat amusing that the Sonnet box art clearly depicts a 4400, when I'm betting the majority of folks buying these were picking them up for 64/6500 towers and the TAM.
  12. EvilCapitalist

    Potentially Stupid RAM Hardware Mod Question

    Is that RAM usage correct? I didn't think 7.6.1 was that RAM hungry, or at least it hasn't been on the machines on which I've run it. It almost looks like what happens when you boot into 24 bit mode with more than 8MB of RAM on an SE/30 but Power Macs can't boot into 24 bit mode.
  13. A good number of Macs can use the Command-Control-Power keyboard combination to reset, but as I recall the SE/30 cannot. Indeed, the power key (has an arrow pointed left) itself cannot be used to power on the machine which is why I purchased a Sophisticated Circuits PowerKey Classic about 10 years ago to enable that feature. But do any of you remember the technical reason why Command-Control-Power doesn't work on the SE/30?
  14. AlexTheCat123

    Macintosh Quadra 700 Battery Leakage

    Thank you for the picture! Unfortunately, I can't make out the values of those parts, so those additional photos would be great!
  15. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Farallon ETHERMAC LC NSC w/NuBus drivers in the SE/30 PDS?

    Wire wrap circuit board complete. 68030 PDS and LC 68020 PDS have been joined. Now to buzz, check and recheck every connection before the magic smoke test.
  16. DistantStar001

    Macintosh LC Takes Forever to Boot

    It chimes after 10 to 20 minutes. I figured that I would have to recap something, but my equipment is limited, and I've never dealt with surface mount capacitors before. I haven't seen any sign of damage to the motherboard, but I know that the electrolytics used have a tendency to leak eventually. The Good news is that the board was new-old-stock in the early 2000s and has only been used sparingly since.
  17. unity

    Mac Plus Display Problems

    Glad you figured it out. Kinda surprised that a CRT discharge cause it. I really never discharge CRTs, just push the high voltage cable cap to one side, tilt and lift then pop it out. On the off chance I do discharge, I do it when plugged in so it uses the ground.
  18. Dog Cow

    Apple PHX 100

    Oh you mean cite the Apple dev notes in the Wikipedia article? I think that's even better.
  19. JRL

    Boxed PB 2400c/240 - 56K Warning

    Great scores! That 2400c is arguably nicer than my own boxed one.
  20. jessenator

    Free 7300/7500/7600/4400/G3 desktop

    :o indeed. Very nice! Can't wait to see what they're loaded with.
  21. Met up with a guy who I originally got a bunch of stuff from almost 7 years ago, and he kindly gave this all for free. Haven't powered up anything yet, but apparently the non G3 computers do have G3 upgrades in them. Will definitely report back with what they have :o
  22. Trash80toHP_Mini

    Quadra 950 - Blank Bezel to CD Bezel Kluge

    It's the bottom chin of the stock bezel blank hidden by the main panel after it's installed in the next reassembly step, IIRC. Images were attached May 5, 2014 in a topic that remains to be recovered. I never did the mod, just demonstrated the method. Excising the chin, clip and filing away at the blank for fitment would be the madness.
  23. codepoet

    Macintosh SE video problem

    Replace the chip shown in this picture. Also see my similar, but worse, situation which was resolved thanks to the above advice from a kind stranger on Facebook:
  24. codepoet

    Mac Plus Display Problems

    This was caused by damaged to a chip on the analog board, caused by discharging the CRT to the frame. My discharge cable did not include a resistor, because I read somewhere they wouldn't work. Turns out leaving it out is a bad idea. The damaged chip was a Motorola SN74LS38NDS, which I replaced with the same number but from a different brand, from a spare Plus that was more dead. The picture is now sharp and clear, without any lines. If an expert is someone who has made all the mistakes, I'm well on my way to becoming an expert :-)
  25. CC_333

    Apple PHX 100

    Truer words have never been spoken!! c
  26. I'm not sure exactly how it's calculated (obviously the cleanest test is to transfer data from something faster, like the PPC's 1MB L2 cache or I suppose the 68040's 4KB data cache.) RAMometer seems to write a pattern to memory, then read the whole thing back and test the size of the written file over the time it took to complete the I/O. I have a second 950 that I'd like to test with to confirm there was nothing wonky going on in this test (the 950 with PPC has some oddball issues, such freezing instead of powering down or restarting after finder unloads, but only when booted from the 68040, and even with the PPC and Nubus physically removed.) If you come across any leads for another 9150, I'd definitely be looking to purchase. I'm not happy about spending as much as I did on a recapped 840av board only to have it start up exactly twice, at which point I left my positive feedback. I still have the original board too, but it produces a death tone after the chime no matter what I do... If only the 950 had that nicer bus chip, they're extremely reliable in my experience. If I could find a 9150, I'd let the 840av project go to someone with a higher pain tolerance. Now that I think of it, I never did try a different PSU... maybe that's my issue?
  27. Byte Knight

    Problem with DaynaPORT E/si30 network card

    Sorry to revive a dead thread, but I'm having the same issue with my DynaPort E/Si30 card and an Airport Express. There's an AUI port on the network card - would using an AUI transceiver fix this issue? Thanks in advance!
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