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    • I’m currently testing two identical JackHammer cards (3.2) to see in what condition they are. But I’m not sure if my set up is optimal. I thought an IIfx would be a decent candidate to test them with, but I’m not getting any increased performance (I get approximately 1,15 MB/sec R/W with a Seagate HD 160SC). I have tried different setups in the JackHammer control panel, and both cards behave precisely the same. I have followed all instructions in the manual (I think). However, I suspect some kind of termination issue since I’m getting error messages when testing the SCSI chain in Lido, and Snooper won’t recognise the name of the drive, and Mac Bench 3.0 can’t even put it to the test it (it’s greyed out).
    • Final update: Received a new FPU today (from a local dealer) - it works as expected. The Mac was innocent     (Sorry for having opened this topic, I just could not believe that a package of 5 FPUs contains only dead ones)  
    • I have a Lisa 1 and have advertised on 68kmla before about my enthusiasm for helping people back up old disks. I will gladly do this for free for anyone with a disk in a condition that's unlikely to damage my drives.   Unless there's something unique about the geometry of Mac prototype Twiggy drives, which I suspect is unlikely (but have no idea either way), backup via BLU is likely to work for a disk in fair condition.   That said, I live in the UK and any overseas shipping would have to be considered very carefully! There are probably other recovery options to consider first. Still, my Lisa 1 is at your service.   Thus far Twiggy drive belts appear to be fairly robust. (At least something about the drive is robust!) Mine are the originals as well, and I've heard at least one other Lisa 1 owner reporting the same.
    • I have heard rumours that you can stick a Macintosh Twiggy disk into a Lisa 1 and dump it using Basic Lisa Utility (BLU), but that's only a rumor/speculation. The Twiggy drives were notoriously unreliable though, so perhaps your drive has some sort of f ault - especially if the original belt is still on.   Any chance of dumping the ROM? That's something that also needs to be preserved.
    • I do not see this posted elsewhere, so thought I would share.  Too rich for my blood, and current bid of $6k doesn't meet reserve.  This is a very respectable collection for sure.   https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMAZING-Vintage-Apple-Computer-Museum-lot-Mac-Apple-II-Lisa-Mac-XL-RARE/333612411629?