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    • I have a 47.8MB TIFF (3800x4080px) of a decapped IWM, as well as a bunch of technical information (schematics, specs, engineering drawings, etc.). Do you already have these? IWM_Info.zip
    • That's should do it. Being it's only a single sided board it's a lot easier to desolder. 
    • ASC - too many Macs have ASC's left and right channels blended into mono for for driving the internal speaker. For one, it's a massive PITA to get get past that kluge to wring stereo of out of a Duo/DuoDock even tweaking system and driver for coaxing the PAS16 NuBus card to do the trick! ASC is a large enough package to do the likes of the Portable's kluge chip with modern logic, providing headers or a connector for a daughtercard if necessary for implementing internal stereo in any number of Macs and the likes of the PowerBook 1400c. Dunno if anyone would really be interested in doing something with such a thing when I guess you could hotwire to a line level stereo headphone jack, but it would be neat play with at board or daughtercard level.   On second thought, adding headers to a new logic board design for making the internal headphone jack connection might be a plan. Dunno, ASC/Sound limitations were the first thing that popped into my head when you asked for suggestions.
    • I have a Classic AB which, while otherwise fine, suffers from "screen shimmers" every time it reads from the disk. I figured that recapping the AB would fix that, and I've managed to recap everything but the beefiest capacitors – CP1 and CP13, both 220uF/250V capacitors. Unfortunately, it still has the shimmers, and so I figure it's time to get those recapped. They have really large traces. Would anyone have any tips on desoldering those with a minimum of effort/dwell time on each pad? I'm thinking of using my large hoof tip, using as much tacky flux as possible, going over it multiple times by alloying the existing metal trace with leaded solder, going over with solder braid, and repeating... anyone else have any other tips?   Thanks for helping someone who's just learning the ropes out!
    • Maybe, just maybe, since both the +5V and +12V rails are lower than expected, there might be a voltage pot you can adjust on the AB? I don't know what it is off the top off my head.   Strange, but I've also had an uncapped Classic II LB (rev B) that had no sound – don't know what it was, and I guess I won't know for a while since I lifted a few pads while trying to recap it.