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    • Arggh, the package to Canada came back twice because of corona related delivery problems. I think it did not even leave Germany. Refunded the Canadian, readvertised it on the bay and sold it again, this time to Northern France. I wonder if it was someone from this forum?
    • Badass machine! Really cool to see such a high-clockspeed CPU upgrade in there - congrats  
    • Just pull the video board gently towards the rear side of the Mac and maybe do a tiny bit of side wiggling while pulling in order to pull it in several little "mini" steps. In fact I remove it as a habbit almost every time I do something in the HDD- and floppy drive connector cable area. I have a kind of trauma, because I broke the neck of one of these precious old 9" crts once, when I was so caught in pushing the SCSI cable into the logicboard socket, that I did not realize that my forearm put some sidewards pressure on the video board. Sometimes I still wake up in the middle of the night, hearing the hissing noise of the lost vacuum...
    • I've recapped everything, reseated the rom countless times, no chime.
    • Do you hear a chime? If not then there may be a problem with the ROM. Pull the chips, clean and reseat them. You should recap the LB!