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    • I really appreciate the Mouser carts. They ship all over the world, they have a huge range and if your first filter term is "in stock" you get no nasty surprises when a part is something you need quickly. Second, if an EE already went to the trouble of making a cart it's saving me a lot of time - thanks again.
    • It'll likely be fine, those tants don't tend to take anything with them when they go, unless a component is very near and gets heat damaged, which is not the case here.
    • Well I can do the board - but i need one desoldered completely. it's possible to buzz via's etc for ground or +5v connections, so you dont need to sand a board, but using a few dead boards is a better plan than wrecking a working one. Plus i only need to salvage certain chips like the 26LS and anything Apple custom. 

      For all testers of this initial batch - i forgot the GND and +5v connections for the disk and serial - DOH! For some reason i skipped over them, it's fixed in the latest Gerbers, but the prototype batch will need these connecting - nothing major, just solder bodge wires and bridge pins for the SCSI - should see from these images where the GND and +5 connections are - light brown is +5v, dark brown is GND. 

    • Yes! It’s always good to see something come back to life. Well sleuthed!
    • Wading through just about anything to get just a little bit of something hidden therein ain't relaxing. I like to leisurely watch your videos, maybe with a cold glass of lemonade in hand. They're much appreciated by all here I think and thanks much!