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    • You should do a small Youtube Channel, though it would on competitions with others, The good thing is I see more Commodore, Atari, Mac and 16Bit systems out there than I see of Apple II systems. I think Chris Torrence is the only one that is exclusively Apple II Hardware Youtuber, while everyone else throws the Apple II into their other 8Bit System Collections. You can start posting once a month and work up to once a week like many Youtubers do.
      I have two Apple IIc (first Gens) but one of them has a RocketChip (the 5MHz version) in it and that damn little thing kicks ass! But I cannot find documentation on it, it seems to be stuck on "Fast Mode." There is supposed to be a Key Combination that supposed to bring it down to 1MHz but I can't seem to find it.
    • Thanks for the feedback. Very helpful.
    • While at my project of fixing my busted G5 collection (accumulation) I discovered that some 2x2.0 GHz configurations have a logic board with the plug for the pump, so I assume that the upgrade of these units with 2.5 or 2.7 GHz processors (the only cooled by liquid excluding later dual) is feasible. Any thoughts on this? Logic board number is: 820-1592.  
    • If you remember, could you write it down and share the steps?  I just got Nisus Word Processor 3.06 on disk and I'd like to make backups.  
    • LOL! I have an LC case with an LC II Logic Board in it, and a LC II with a LC Logic board in it. I managed to get these systems separately and months apart, so they were not from the same seller. It just happened to happen that way. I could switch the boards around to get them into their appropriate cases but for now I have not.   But as stated, the LC Logic board need that plastic piece with the fan and speaker on it, and it is there inside the LC II Case.