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    • Ok so today I did another run at the Mac II, discovered a couple of extra traces that were cut (some are quite subtle!!) near the power switch. I ended up cleaning the thru hole cap holes with the tiniest drill bits and that was a lot less stressfull than all the other attempts and methods I tried. I don't know what I'm doign wrong, but no amount of heat. So I've now reinstalled the big caps, and the battery holders. I still need to do another inspection, then wil be re-solderring the SOIC14's, then I have a couple of extra patches to add for traces that are cut /under/ these SOIC footprints, (I don't put the patch wires now as I'm going to put hot air in the area). So I'm getting there. I had a close inspection in the RAM slots and it all look clean. My worries are the areas near the Sound Chip and the GLU, and I can see a couple of traces that look 'dark' go /under/ the ICs   One thing: I've heard you can put the mobo thru the dishwasher to clean all the rest of the gunk that is under bits and connectors. Does anyone has done this? ie short cycle, no soap, low temperature than air compressor, then let it dry for a week, or bake it?
    • So Rhapsody has SWIM support but OS X Server 1.x doesn’t?
    • Or the Computer History Museum! I bet they'd love to display one of these.
    • "A Bit Of A Rarity" Talk about being a master of understatement   If you ever decide to part with the machine make sure to get in touch with the King of Prototypes, @haplain
    • Bonus points if the Knights Templar get involved somehow, and a plucky forum member and their comic sidekick go on a quest to find them...   Seriously though, this is really, really cool to see.