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    • Resolder the logic board? That's a no no for me, I can barely resolder the analogue board, I guess I'll have to find someone who's gonna do the job... Also other weird thing that happens with the picture is that over time, the picture just becomes wider, you can't see it expanding, you will only notice it when you use the Mac for a few minutes. Any pointers for that?
    • It’s possible it’s just the disk itself. I once had a bad HD that caused that very same issue: Bad Disk Name
    • All recapped now including C1, boots up loud and clear (i.e. the sound is fully functional again). I did clean/reflow any badly corroded pins I could find, though I didn't touch the Sony IC's, which are looking just a little green on the top side.   Anyway, all good in the hood. I was going to ask whether or not I should recap the analog and PSU as well, even though I'm experiencing no issues, but I think I'm just going to go ahead and do it as preventative.
    • It's odd, I've tried low formatting with FWB hard disk toolkit, it gives me an error (not specified). Quick format works fine and no bad sectors found, and once mounted it works just fine, I can write and run apps from there, and everything works normally. It's just when the drive initializes, which is when it's switched on or prepared for being formatted when the odd clicking appears. For some reason quick formatting and driver update works OK, but low formatting or Apple's SC Utility fails during the clicking part.   The stepper motor works fine, because the drives behave normally once it's mounted and because my old drive does exactly the same clicking noise. Of course that one won't do anything else, as it has bad plates, but the initializing sounds are the same.