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Sad Mac Error Code 0000000E 0000FFFF

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Hello once again 68kMLA!


I've posted here about a year ago concerning a Macintosh Classic motherboard needing help, and the general consensus was to recap the board. However due to a lack of time (and money...and confidence...), I never really got around to doing what was needed for that motherboard. But never mind all of that.


By chance, my friend was able to scoop up a Macintosh Classic from a recycling center against all odds, same model and everything. Opening it up, I was met with an interesting but as far as I'm aware good looking motherboard. It has a Applied Engineering board sitting on top of the motherboard with the tag TW2325; looking it up here on this forum returns a TransWarp accelerator, but I'm not too sure of its function.


Booting it up, I was met with a sad mac error code of "0000000E 0000FFFF". According to this, the 0000000E represents a failed data bus test, either a bad SIMM or data bus failure. After checking around online and this forum, I bought a new battery for the motherboard (1/2 AA 3.6V) and tried using the RAM from my previous Mac (although I can't say this test means anything ) and am still met with the same error. 


I feel like I'm super close to booting this up, but don't know where to go from here. I found a post here or there mentioning the same error code, but no particular solutions. Any advice for the situation? I have taken pictures but the uploading doesn't seem to work. I'll see if I can upload at another time.





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