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    • Thank you!  I wasn't sure because of the font, but after comparing it to the pictures of my board, I think you're right.   I think I'm going to check with my local electronics store first, but thank you for the link.  Now, one way or the other I'm getting my LC back!   
    • There is a screw behind that piece of linkage I outlined (going through the little circuit board the sensor is mounted to. Loosen that, and the sensor will move back-and-forth allowing for adjustment.  
    • Do you have a photo or reference that shows how to adjust the track 0 sensor? The diagrams in Dead Mac Scrolls are for 800k drives only, I think. 
    • I want to put an SSD in my Macintosh Portable.  Any tips appreciated.  The original hard drive uses a special cable that carries both data and power.  Is there a SCSI2SSD type emulator that I can use for this?  Thanks!
    • I say ditch your 8100/100 and keep the metal can. It won't disintegrate, you can retain the third slot and add the HPV as a fourth card if you go G3. The 81/110 will be worth a lot more in the long run, especially when all of Apple's cases from that abominable period (abominable cases from that period?) have crumbled into ABS sand. Did I mention that beautiful DA-15?