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    • I just want to thank OleLila for the PowerBook 165 I got off of him about a week ago! The capacitors came in from DigiKey today and after about an hour and a half of work, I once again have a working PowerBook! I have to find a solution for the drive though, it doesn't sound like it is long for this world. There is nothing on it except a 7.1 System folder. It only has 4MB so I'll be putting 6.0.8 once a permanent storage solution is found.
    • So tonight after a lot of YouTubing, I decided to put my new soldering iron (smaller tip and temp control) to the test and cleaned up the board with some flux and copper wick. My solder paste arrives tomorrow and I want to give that a go. 
        Does this look like a good place to start? My technique isn’t the greatest... before and after pics attached. 
    • 100 GR : CALL -936:R=39:B=6 110 COLOR=5: GOSUB 420:B=38 120 T=31: GOSUB 420:L=36:B=T 130 T=7: GOSUB 420:L=0:R=3 140 GOSUB 420:L=5:T=20:B=27 150 COLOR=12: GOSUB 390 160 COLOR=13: GOSUB 400 170 COLOR=9: GOSUB 390 180 COLOR=1: GOSUB 400 190 COLOR=3: GOSUB 390 200 COLOR=6: GOSUB 370 210 COLOR=2: GOSUB 410 220 COLOR=15:L=5:R=34:T=8 230 B=18: GOSUB 420: COLOR=0 240 VLIN 8,15 AT 8 250 VLIN 8,15 AT 12 260 VLIN 8,15 AT 12 270 VLIN 8,19 AT 16 280 VLIN 11,15 AT 20 290 VLIN 8,19 AT 24 300 HLIN 25,30 AT 11 310 HLIN 29,34 AT 15: PRINT 340 PRINT " HTTPS://"; 350 PRINT "WWW.WOZBDAY.COM/" 360 END 370 R=L+4: HLIN L,R AT 29 380 RETURN 390 GOSUB 370: GOTO 410 400 R=L+4 410 GOSUB 420:L=I: RETURN 420 FOR I=L TO R 430 VLIN T,B AT I: NEXT I 440 RETURN #wozdomday1
    • https://www.wozbday.com/
    • How much support do aliases have for AFP? They can link to AFP shares, right?   On the Pi side, you could have an AFP share for every USB stick attached. You could then augment that that with another share containing aliases to each of those USB stick AFP shares. This would be pretty good already, though you could also add some MacOS-side code to watch that directory and mount new aliases when they appear.   There’s no SCSI in that design, so it’s not necessarily relevant to this topic, but I think it’s better than a a SCSI solution, which could run into issues with volume sizes dependent on the model of Mac in question.