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    • @jjclay Thank you for your kind offer!  It is truly unfortunate that EM-30L is not sold here in Japan.  You might want to check with your local post office to see if they will even allow you to ship it.  Post offices around the globe have gone made in restricting things they deem "dangerous."  Here in Japan perfume is classified as a "dangerous good."  Check this out:   https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/use/restriction/airmail/index_en.html   If your post office won't let you ship it, I might bite the bullet and buy some rather expensive (here in Japan) Super Lube 21030 grease which has PTFE (Teflon).  It seems to be silicone based which means safe for plastics.  Until now, I've been using normal silicone grease and silicone oil without any PTFE in it.  Maybe the PTFE makes a difference?  Even so, the EM-30L doesn't have PTFE in it.  Hmmm...   I did not put any grease in the gearbox mainly because I can only figure out how to remove the yellowed gear and the white gear that sits atop it.  But there are two more gears that need to be removed.  How do we safely remove the biggest white gear with the little metal piece attached to it (the gear that actually hits the sliding tray and ejects the disks)?  All gears would need to be removed, cleaned and re-lubed, not just one or two.    
    • Which CRT do you need for the Classic II? The later-style connector?
    • Get those batteries out! Noaw! No chime, because for my test, the speaker was not installed. Thanks! Seeing it come to life was very rewarding. Thanks techknight! This one just took a bunch of elbow grease, that's all.   As for the CRT, I don't think I'll bother. I am looking for a CRT for my Classic II, but for this machine, I won't worry about it.
    • Good luck with the deliveries! I still seem to be getting stuff delivered from the US, mainland Europe and China OK - but a card from the in-laws in Australia was 2 months late (yes I'm an Aussie, just in 'Europe' - or not as Brexit suggest...). Australia Post & many other postal/delivery companies often hitch a ride on regular passenger flights and with almost all of those grounded, so has a lot of mail.   JDW I've just ordered a small tin of EM-30L off a UK seller - was only £4. I'll pick another one up for you and test the postal services in your direction! PM me for details so I can post it on...   Perhaps it's lack of lubrication in the "gearbox" itself? Did you put any of your silicone oil/grease in there? I use white lithium grease on metal-metal parts, but haven't put anything in the gearbox yet - maybe that's the root cause of the different pitch & not the plastic gear? I'll wait until the EM-30L arrives and clean out another Sony 800k (Mac portable needs its cleaned!) so I'll add that to the side by side comparison.   JJD
    • Opportunistically adding to my boxed Apple OS collection when I find them on eBay for a non-crazy price.

          Still looking for:   System 5.0 - Not holding my breath, recently went for $305 on eBay... System 7.1 Sysyem 7 Pro Mac OS 8.0 Mac OS 8.6 - Not sure this was sold on its own... Mac OS X 10.0  Mac OS X 10.4 - Last one in a full size box I believe.