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RasterOps Clear Vue GS30 for me SE/30 died...any ideas why?

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Hello all,

     A few weeks ago I had the good fortune to pick up a few SE/30's with video cards, including one with a RasterOps Clear Vue GS30.  So I put it into my main SE/30 to test it out.  It worked well for about a week, having the ability to display 256 shades of grey at 1024 x 768.  And then one day I heard what kind of sounded like a ticking sound, and then......nothing.  The video card no longer displays anything, and doesn't even show up in the monitors control panel anymore. 


Also note that the same mac still works fine with my RasterOps Colorboard 264.


     Is it possible that one of the clock oscillators is bad?  Or is their something else I should take a look at?


Thanks for any ideas that anybody has!

Raster Ops.jpg

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