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K Trueno

Daystar Universal PowerCache P33 in SE/30

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On 6/22/2019 at 4:53 AM, Bolle said:

I know that the one in the picture is the older "IIci only" non universal version, but thanks for the heads up.

It still seems to work fine in the SE/30 though as far as I can tell.

Sorry for the remote necro post.


Bolle does this comment mean that your adapter board will allow pre-P33 PowerCache to be used in the SE/30?


I've been digging and this was what I found here. Apologies if this covered elsewhere.

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It did run just fine at least for me with both my adapter and the original Daystar SE/30 adapter.

I know that some people were having problems with the old PowerCache in the SE/30 but I couldn’t reproduce those in my tests.

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On 6/25/2019 at 5:58 AM, Bolle said:

It does. It also applies to the adapters I built so far. You will have to jumper the /CENABLE pin (C13 on the cache slot connector) to ground, otherwise the cache won’t get activated.


I'm going to carry out this adaptation to the ProtoCache 1.1 adapter I got from @Bolle. I'll report back, but assume it should all go fine (as long as I have better luck than with my recent Epic Blunder with Turbo 040 card)

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So I just added the jumper wire onto my accelerator adapter - it's the ProtoCache 1.1 by @Bolle




Took just a few minutes and I'm very pleased with the HUGE performance difference it has made now that the cache is being used properly.




Thank you everyone for figuring this out and sharing how to fix this! :D


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The T040 even works with the MacCon stuck under it. I could never get this to work reliably up to now. If I knew it would have been as simple as inverting that one clock signal.

It is running rock solid for an hour now. Downside is that the P33 won't work with the clock inverted but I might be able to solve that and go completely jumperless on the adapter.

Another mystery solved.

@Bolle I have two GAL T040's that I just can't seem to get to stay stable, and aim to do the MacCon -> Short Adapter + T040 -> iisi Pivot combo.. I have a few 74*68 chips laying around, and your ProtoCache1.1 short adapter I can modify. What are the jumper settings I need and besides the 5V and GND, how should I connect the logic chip to invert the clock? A38 through a gate and then out to pin 18 where the GAL was?


This is an awesome discovery!

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