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MacTCP Networking

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I recently got my Macintosh Plus working with all 4 MB of ram. I have an Asante EN/SC Ethernet to SCSI adapter and want to put it to some use. I hooked up everything and downloaded the EN/SC EtherTalk software along with AppleTalk 57.0.4. Installed it on system 7.1 and also got MacTCP 2.1. I made sure to hook the adapter to a 10base-T only hub so it wouldn’t get confused with 10/100. I tried to configure the TCP/IP settings but I don’t think it’s making a connection at all. MacWeb won’t connect or load it just spits out an error code as if the machine was connected to nothing.


Here is a post from someone who had success with a similar setup: http://lowendmac.com/rivera/05/1129.html


any help and/or advice is greatly appreciated!


Below are some images of my TCP control panel as well as a hardware diagram.


Macintosh Plus Network Diagram.png

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I think your DNS stuff is wrong. Try this:

  •, default selected

The Domain column doesn't matter, the dot that you have in there is fine although I usually call them "dns1", dns2", etc.

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