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Macintosh II to High-res RGB display

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I am restoring an original Mac II (M5000). 


I have a period correct High-res RGB display (M0401Z) for it. The problem is I don't have a cable. I hacked  together a straight cable using  DA-15 connectors but it doesn't work. The mac was booting into desktop, there was an image, but the colour was out of sync with blue part missing completely. Tried disconnect sense pins and now it won't show anything. So something must be wrong.


The Mac II had "Toby" card with all VRAM sockets filled in if that matter.


Do you know what is the connection scheme of the original connection cable? Should all pins be wired (incl. Sense pins, Composite sync, etc.)?


Is there any way of troubleshooting Mac II video card  (or the M0401Z) if I know which part is working? I don't have any other Nubus Mac unfortunately.

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