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    • I got the SuperMac Spec/8 SI dialed in about as perfectly as it gets. Tweaking the horizontal and vertical start points I've got rounded corners all around the clock. I think I got it saved as one of three user defaults. Gotta take pics before I tear it down and try to get the Radius TPD in the SE dialed in.   No joy on the SE/30 Pivot card in the IIsi. Gotta test it for function on one of the BigAss CRTs to verify that it's working, but no energy for that today. Old card might not be compatible with the 20MHz IIsi bus, some cards weren't. If so it'll be SE/30 testing one day.
    • Actually .... I just realized I have a spare Plus keyboard. Platinum I think, with some yellowing, but in great shape otherwise. It’s possible the comma key switch needs replacing (might just need the WD40 treatment though), otherwise it works perfectly. $50 to a 68kmla’er. DM if interested. Happy to test it again also. 
    • I'm so glad to see this closer to becoming a reality for people who want some extra RAM!    Just out of curiosity @joethezombie, which PCB fabrication place did you use that was able to do 0.050" PCBs? All my experience is with hobbyist-level services like Seeed Studio and PCBWay which both just do 1.2 mm. To get the correct thickness, did you have to go to somewhere a bit more "professional" and less "hobbyist"?   It still bothers me that I never quite got to the bottom of the SE/30 ROM SIMM thickness issue back in the day. At least, I think it was a thickness issue...
    • In my experience the most cost effective way to get a Plus keyboard is to buy a Plus that comes with one, then sell the Plus. 
        example - this person is considering offers. Comes with a nice working external SCSI HD also. https://www.ebay.com/itm/392855518072
    • There's also a number of mouse alternatives available.  The magic search term is 'quadrature mouse', the Amiga, Atari and Acorn Archimedes also all used them but with different pinouts/connectors.   I built an analogue stick mouse replacement out of junk drawer bits here:   And I am really, really not a hardware person.