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Macintosh Front Panal protptype

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Hi folks.

Selling off my collection slowly.

Got to this little oddity

This is part of the haul I picked up from Cork here in Ireland from a guy that worked in the Apple plant in the 80's and 90's.


This is an SE with a difference. The plastic of the front panel is perfectly smooth. It is hard to see in the pictures. But this was molded before they applied the textured finish to the mold, that we see in all other Macs. I never really looked at it when i got it. But now going through it , the first thing i noticed is the apple badge on the side. 000177e.

I have allot of these macs with similar badges from that haul.

Looking at the extreme screen burn , I can see  'Apple Share" and other stuff. I inverted the picture to show the burn better


The logic board  has roms unlike the other se's i have and 2 of the rams are very big , again unlike any  i have.


The rear cover is just a standard rear cover of an SE, with the usual texture.


Im trying to figure out if the logic board and analog board is early like the cover.

I have not done anything to this machine. It is as I got it. I dont know should I strip it and clean / wash it or just leave it as it is.


any thoughts folks












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