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    • Yes, afraid it isn't great due to the sync with the camera,but you can see the difference, especially when zoomed in. I'm really hoping it isn't the onboard RAM. I am also posting on the forum I moderate on, got some good suggestions just come in over here: https://www.exxoshost.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3187&sid=f46145394e7703f29ea86e33807b48e1#top so I will look into those too.     Hopefully my other parts will be in soon too.
    • Hi,    Luckily this one never had a leaky battery. Boots just fine, but never heard any sound from it. When I click play sound in System 7 Control Panel it crashes. Cleaned the board with IPA, especially around sound chip, put headphone jack back and forth. No progress. I am planning to recap the board, but I guess there's something else going wrong?      
    • No battery required, only very few models need a battery, and some tricks can be done to jump start the others.
    • Well, I finally opened the new SE with an unknown accelerator card. It's a Dove Marathon Racer 68020, which is very nice, with a 68881 FPU.   Problem is that I cannot find the drivers. I only found the Dove drivers for the 60830 which don't seem to work (won't recognize the 68020). I will take it apart tomorrow and see if the card is properly set, but would appreciate if anyone could point me towards the drivers, or insight if someone has a similar card.    Thanks, Pierre
    • Cool, I'll give those a go.