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    • Thanks for the welcome. My first post. I've tried the Dove 030 accelerator CDEV, to no luck. I saw a post in 2003 about drivers for the 68020 in a yahoo group, but it no longer exists (see post at https://www.mail-archive.com/compact.macs@mail.maclaunch.com/msg08453.html).   This board is strange. It has four 1MB simms on the accelerator, and the SE board has 4 MB simms, but oddly R35 is still present and the Mac finder shows 2MB only. I would have thought that someone who upgrades the RAM would have removed the resistor to allow 4MB.   Still, board was well seated, without the CDEV, it boots into a 68000 at 8MHZ. Here are some high resolution pics.
    • @dochilli funnily enough I have just done that and will try it out later   I'm using a 27C400, which is 512K, so I presume that will be suitable? The image wrote no problems, though I don't know if it needs to be byteswapped or not, but the ROMs I have are erasable so not an issue if they need to be.   Might explain why I see the same with or without the ROM installed. Also got new optocouplers, so I may well replace that because I can.
    • 4.85 and 11.89 should work, but are a little low. Time to recap the AB and PSU.
    • I would think, that it is a problem with the rom. If you get no chime, then the access to the rom failed.  If you have access to a eprom burner you can burn a new rom. Rom copies can be found in the internet.  I own some classics but none had problem with the ram on the logic board.
    • Hey Jordi,   Yeah, with my 150s “Low Power AC Adapter” it works great now. I would give it a try if you have one spare.