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    • Hi Will. Just taken delivery of a Mac Plus 120v here in the UK, and plan to convert it to 240v (the “International” ABs we’re designed to support both 120v and 240v, by simply changing some wire links and a few other components). Can you tell us which specific model of AB you have? There were at least 4 designs.   With regards your fuse blowing, I’d suggest you start by checking the “safety capacitors”. These are designed to blow open, but the Y caps connect line and neutral to earth, and if these are bad it can trip the RCD (earth leakage device connected to your mains fuse board). Depending on your AB model, you may find them at C33 and C36 (square RIFA Y capacitors), and C37 (large RIFA X2 capacitor which if the original can produce “magic smoke”  ).   Hope that helps...    
    • I'm trying to rescue a US 120V Macintosh Plus that was gifted to me. The previous owner accidentally connected it to a 240V UK mains power supply without a step-down transformer. Whoops! The original 2.5A 250V fuse had clearly blown so replaced it at the same time as doing a complete recap. When I did the "smoke test" just now (and this time I made sure to the use the correct step-down voltage converter), the fuse blew again so something somewhere isn't right. Would anybody be able to help me diagnose what the issue could be? Just as a side note, the logic board works fine in another Plus so luckily that wasn't fried by the original mishap.   Thanks for any help in advance Will
    • I'm about to send my STL file to a friend so he can start the 3d printing for me.    Check it out: assembly with 4 screws. I'm hoping the holes are big enough for the button and stick.   in-browser model viewer: https://a360.co/2X7DvxZ   Side analysis:  
    • Thanks, that would be great!  Although the icon in your graphic seems to be yet another version than the one in OP’s photo.
    • Hmm I just want to ask again  does anyone every tried to recreate the Macintosh Color Classic front badges/logos? Unfortunately I lost my small logo/badge after I measured it