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    • It’s a stunning case. The only thing that worries me is that with everything on display I would be looking for a CRT with a perfect silvered back. Maybe powder coat all of the metal frame pieces too. Clean up all the blobby hot glue on the analog board. Make all my SIMMs match. And of course a neat rainbow ribbon cable like that one... 
    • I'm sure that works well, too. I just figure there is always an off chance that some ancient copy of Stuffit is sitting on any said machine, and having the archives in original format would just make it easier.
    • The Performa came without a PRAM battery. I was under the impression that without the battery it would chime but not produce any video; and that the "jumpstart" method would work for the missing PRAM battery (but not failing caps).   I'm mostly irritated by the voltage breakdown; it's obvious that the computer won't boot when instead of +5V there are less than +2V. Anyway, a complete recap of both supply and logic board is probably in order.  
    • More strangeness... front brightness knob does nothing.   Focus turned all the way clockwise makes a more or less normal focused picture. Anti-clockwise becomes unfocused but also increases brightness Cut-off has very little effect and can not be increased to show raster lines (unless Focus is also 100% anti-clockwise) Width and Height controls on the analog board work as expected.   All caps are replaced (JDW's Mouser cart, thanks again!). I have desoldered a lot of passives such as all the potentiometers, any resistors that seem related to the front brightness control. Checked carefully for dry joints and resoldered some. Everything seems OK. Is this symptomatic of some major component such as flyback or TDA1170 having issues?
    • Folks, let me be clear.  MacEffects is worthy of your consideration.