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    • Pretty remarkable that you did that without a hot air gun. I sure wouldn't have wanted to do that.
    • Nice find!   After reviewing that article, I took note that John Bass says his software really only handles drives up to 5MB, suggesting additional software to partition the drive if you go beyond 5MB to keep the sheer number of files from bogging down the system.
    • I know that switch998 has asked for some of the parts to the 6115, but if the CD bezel is not already spoken for, could I buy that from you? I have a 6115 that has the blank center and I when I want to use the CD, I have to remove the lid.   Great job on the retrobrite and cleanup by the way - the plastics look amazing.
    • Just wondering what kind of anticipated cost you'd be placing on 4x16MB modules.  Not going to hold you to it, just an estimate.  I'd very much be interested in 4x16MB for my IIfx pair.  Even if I could just upgrade one for now, that would be great!
    • Bad news--tried the x86-BOOT image, and the floppyemu says its an unsupported image type   edit: looking in the instructions for the emu, it may be because the images are of the DC63 variety. However, I have no way of checking this or converting it using the method in the instructions as I do not own an OSX product.