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    • More strangeness... front brightness knob does nothing.   Focus turned all the way clockwise makes a more or less normal focused picture. Anti-clockwise becomes unfocused but also increases brightness Cut-off has very little effect and can not be increased to show raster lines (unless Focus is also 100% anti-clockwise) Width and Height controls on the analog board work as expected.   All caps are replaced (JDW's Mouser cart, thanks again!). I have desoldered a lot of passives such as all the potentiometers, any resistors that seem related to the front brightness control. Checked carefully for dry joints and resoldered some. Everything seems OK. Is this symptomatic of some major component such as flyback or TDA1170 having issues?
    • Folks, let me be clear.  MacEffects is worthy of your consideration.    
    • I should clarify here, I have 2x IIfx machines, and I am interested in 2 sets of 4 (128MB total). 
    • These LC475 computers have issues with needing capacitors redone on both the motherboard AND the power supply.   That is very symptomatic of a motherboard recap being required.  Also, did you change the PRAM battery?  These require a good PRAM battery to turn on.   You can 'jumpstart' one of these with failing capacitors by turning it on, letting it sit for a few seconds, and very quickly switching it off and on (so fast it doesn't really turn off).
    • I believe this is what you're looking for:   https://www.ebay.com/itm/512KB-68-pin-100ns-VRAM-Video-Memory-SIMM-Quadra-LC-475-820-0605-Apple-Macintosh/142691149014?epid=2256067409&hash=item21390e24d6:g:LpoAAOSwjxFagj-I