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    • Is there a universal symbol for NO MAXELL for the silk screen layer?     edit: on a serious note, really diggin' the progress you're making on this!
    • Just want to verify that someone else got this working...First try didnt work...anyone there that has done it...any configuration changes to get it working on the scsi2sd tools.
    • I’ve got a game pad from back when somewhere. It was fun to use when I was a kid for sure. I hope yours is just as good for you!   I also didn’t know TetrisMax would run on an SE/30!
    • It seems the only topics on this subforum are repairs. Don't get me wrong, I've posted a query or ten here myself. But I thought I would post something different tonight.   I bought a Gravis Gamepad to use with my SE/30, and have spent the past few nights playing a few games with it. It took me more than a few attempts to get it working, but it was nothing that could have been prevented if I had read the instructions.   TetrisMax is much more fun with the controller, as is Glypha. Some of the games aren't quite right though. An example is Wolves in the Wind. I cannot get the guy to jump left or right, only straight up. I have to use the keyboard command while using the direction on the controller. I've only recently started playing that game, so there may be other things  and/or solutions too. Mouse Stampede is a lot more fun with the controller than using the mouse too.   One thing I am planning on doing soon is going through the game files that the control panel uses and move the ones that won't run on the SE/30 into another folder so they won't show up. I think it installed 120+ files, and if I had to guess, half of them are for color only games. That will make getting the right profile for the controller a bit easier. I am also planning on renaming a few of the games files I use frequently to something that will make them show up at the top of the list.   It's been a fun few nights in the basement playing these old games on this old machine.   J White    
    • Thanks Byrd, that's good to know. I have 7.6 and 8.5 installed on two separate CF cards, they both boot ok on my 5300ce - no problems so far - but performance feels sluggish for a 117MHz chip. Offhand, I don't suppose you can recommend either a CF-IDE or SD-IDE adapter please? Cheers!, Matt