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    • asking questions is almost never a bad idea, especially when you want to know about systems you're relying on .  I didn't mean to sound at all dismissive, so I hope I didn't — perhaps more I should have said "I would be surprised if 'acting a little odd' was a result of CPU damage, but I wouldn't absolutely rule it out'.
    • Okay, you are much more experienced than I, so I believe you.  I am going to be checking for software issues.  It had a SCSI2SD installed in it, but I didn't do the install.  I am wondering if something semi important was missed when the OS and PAC software were installed.  I just saw that gunky chip when I had to pull the power supply to get at the floppy drive, and figured asking questions was not a bad idea.
    • I stand to be corrected here, but if the CPU were noticeably damaged, I'd expect rather worse than 'acting a little odd'
    • Okay great.  Thanks!
    • Yes, that notch is there to mark Pin 1.