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    • When you say it's behaving weird, what exactly does that mean?  You get signs of life out of it but it behaves erratically?  If you even get a chime (either kind) out of it I'd think that eliminates the CPU as being the problem.   I have a IIci with what I believe to be a dead 68030, and that's because it does nothing at all after poweron -- no chime, nothing on the address lines, etc, even with a good system clock.
    • We’re a pretty friendly forum, no question is dumb. Capacitor change as suggested would be your first step towards figuring it out.
    • It looks to me like those caps have already been replaced and that is flux.  
    • Yeah... and leaky capacitors certainly will cause problems. All machines of this age are due for new capacitors.
    • The capacitor next to it is leaking badly