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    • Getting a tear-free solution would be expensive (you'd need a frame buffer to store an entire screen), but does it really matter? Compact Macs can't do full screen animation without tearing to begin with! Given the amount of "motion" on a typical desktop, it won't be too noticeable anyway.
    • This is super cool. I have no horse in this race, can't really picture a use-case for this in my world, and I'm still beyond psyched to read about the concept and progress here, and if it ever turned into a commercial offering I'd almost certainly snap one up just for the cool-factor. Nice work!   Huxley
    • Amazing to see all these projects for Classic macs - keep up the great work!
    • Try re-seating the CPU.   Mass storage is a bit tricky these days. My go-to was the CFFA3000 when it was in production, it was the "cheaper" option. SCSI cards for Apple IIs tend to fetch a premium, although there was someone selling reproductions of the Apple Rev. C SCSI card on ebay awhile back. Don't know if those are still being made. I think ReactiveMicro still sells the MicroDrive Turbo IDE controller as well.   Check their store out, they have battery solutions as well: https://www.reactivemicro.com/product-category/apple2/iigs/   Last resort would be to use the FloppyEmu in Smartport mode. Its slow compared to the cards, but it works.
    • I could probably do testing if you need someone!