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    • And now for something I really didn't need and spent too much money on.   SE/30 in 'extra mature' yellow. 4MB RAM, 20MB HDD (working!), currently running 6.0.8 but that'll change. It's a little 'used' cosmetically but nothing above some light scrapes and general yellowing. The seller claims it's been recapped too, so I can't complain too much.     I've rather overspent on the vintage Macs this month so I won't be doing anything particularly drastic to it for now. Next month, however, I'll up the RAM to 32MB and get looking for an A/UX-compatible network card.
    • @cheesestraws does some 68k programming so may be able to help, possibly.   There was also the guy who wrote some 68k software so that he could add Wifi functionality to System 7?   In terms of this matching the Micron Xceed functionality, will it also provide support for an external colour display?   @maceffects Sign me up for the non-Linux version, I am primarily interested in getting the Micon Xceed functionality at a reasonable price.
    • Putting in a random address in the Netherlands returns an estimated shipping cost for up to a pound of $23.28 USD. Its $13 if I select "large envelope" but... especially with a bezel, an envelope would be impossible.
    • Ha! If this ever happens, I look forward to one-upping all of my friends with Amiga PPC accelerators with some casual web browsing   
    • No clue why machine A is not working, I haven't found any broken traces yet...   The machine B was much easier to recap and it is now in working condition. In addition of new capacitors it requires a sketchy jumper wire to bypass corroded trace. ADB, soft start, floppy, video and sound all work nicely. I haven't tested SCSI yet.   Unfortunately I ran out of SMD tantalum caps so Machine C has to wait a bit.