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    • LEM doesn't know it's alive sometimes. Their whole schtick about how bad the 6200 series was, and still is, just a load of BS. Of course it wasn't great, it was low end, but even the 6200 had 256K L2 cache.
    • i have been using thick wire here, pushing it through the via hole, so far so good.
    • Can be, but commonly with bad ram you got garbage on screen.
    • While researching battery utilities for my Li-Ion thread, I ran across a very old duo FAQ (from 04/18/94) that referenced a nifty utility called "Power Click". Despite what I've read elsewhere, the Duo's mouse buttons are wired separately!   <blockquote> * PowerClick: A neat shareware extension by Daniel Segel (daniels@netcom.com) available by ftp at sumex-aim.stanford.edu as /info-mac/gui/power-click-101.hqx on mac.archive.umich.edu as /mac/system.extensions/cdev/powerclick1.0.1.cpt.hqx. Did you know that the mouse buttons on your Duo are wired separately? Not true for other powerbooks, this feature offers the potential of having the two buttons do different functions. Daniel's code lets you set either button to do a single click, click lock, double click, or nothing. Setting the bottom button to nothing is a very useful option for those of us who use our Duo's in our lap, say lying back in the sofa. I don't know how many times the weight of my Duo has accidentally clicked the lower button. (Note: not to be confused with "Powerclicks 2.0" - with an "s" - which is an entirely different program) </blockquote>   Maybe this is common knowledge, but I couldn't find any posts on the subject. I tracked down a copy (link below) and can confirm it works famously! My upper button is now click and hold

    • Here's an idea for anyone who is good with HyperCard and MacroMind Director...how about a challenge to see who can come up with a new expansion room for Spelunx?   The program was designed to be expanded, as evidenced by the builder. All copies of Spelunx came with just three rooms, but apparently there were more in the works. (There was also evidently a DOS version in the works at one time...source for that is the color Spelunx manual).   I've thought about this for years, especially as an educator who sees the value behind the activities of Spelunx and would have loved to have seen more, especially in the areas of mathematics. I haven't programmed a lick of HyperCard in YEARS, so I'd need to get my old Danny Goodman book out, and haven't even opened the copy of Director I got in 2003 (though it's moved around the storage unit a few times).   It would be easy enough to link into Spelunx from what I can tell.    I figure we've made new After Dark modules, why not one of these?