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    • I dont know how to get the powersupply open for the 170. I need to replace the capacitors but cant get it open. Does anybody know how? Thanks
    • That's bad luck.   I am no expert but would myself try to confirm that the RAM is good first, as it is possible that you just have two sets of bad ram. After that I would suspect the analog board in general and the flyback transformer in particular, given the varied square and herringbone patterns.   There are others on here who are much more knowledgeable technically, however, who will hopefully chime in, though recurring questions get a little wearing to answer repeatedly....   Some resources that you may or may not know about in the meantime:   https://vintageapple.org/macbooks/pdf/The_Dead_Mac_Scrolls_1992.pdf https://www.jagshouse.com/classicrepair.html
    • I installed the 8MB of RAM I bought for it and now it does this, after displaying vertical lines for a while. Reset sometimes makes it change between vertical lines and this. I've also installed a new PRAM battery.
    • So I've replaced every capacitor and cleaned everything as best I could, still no luck, same issue. I haven't replaced the diodes but I'm not suspecting them as the voltages are now a perfect 5v and 12v. Could this be bad RAM? I have attached an image with what is displays after recapping.
    • Glad to "meet" you all! Thanks for the heads-up on AFPBridge @superjer2000 - I'll look into it!