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    • Great stuff, also looking forward to your topics. Might MachTen be one of the reasons there are, or were so many NuBus Token Ring cards floating around?
    • Cost would be insane, but if they ever set it up for research like the National Archives, that would be wonderful. Might the Woz be contacted to fund such an endeavor? It would be very sad to see so much technical history molder away in storage un-scanned.
    • Hit a snag with my SE/30. While loading and patching MacTCP and transferring some other utilities via MacIPpi, the screen started to shimmer and then flipped on black vertical bars! I have Jailhouse Mac unfortunately. This has nothing to do with the Pi software/localtalk setup. I recapped the logic board a couple weeks ago, but have been stricken with sound issues and now this. I only mention it here because I am prepping a new post in another forum seeking advice while I wait for desoldering alloy I ordered to arrive. I plan to remove, clean and reattach the ASC, but I have other problems with the video to diagnose now, so it may be a while before I can really put the Pi through some TCP bridging tests, as it is just too hard to read the dialog boxes for setting IP, gateway, dns, etc.
    • Well, I did admit that I didn't know what I was looking for!    Now I know.   Any recommendations for US-based recapping services?    
    • The third picture really shows that this board needs a recap, as well as a thorough cleaning. The solder and solder pads around the caps and other components have some heavy corossion from years of capacitor leakage.