Hi,   I am troubleshooting issues with a Radius PC 24x that I recently acquired (model #632-0187-03 Rev. B).   So basically this card boots up fine but to default resolution and bit depth (B&W) - but the minute I change either of them (even to gray), the entire screen freaks out and I'm left with a scrambled gray mess. At this point I am unable to reboot the machine (both a IIci and Q700), as I get no chime (but it does power-cycle) and the only way to recover is the take out the PRAM battery, unplug and let sit for about 30s to 1m. Even then, it will only boot correctly (even with the card removed) ONE time only, after which I have to repeat this process.   I was able to determine the PRAM is actually getting corrupted when this happens, and pulling the battery and letting it sit may clear it but it's still jumbled somehow - I took the "one boot only" finding seriously as I booted, connected to my SE/30 via AppleTalk and pulled over TechTool to zap the PRAM - and that did the trick!   I then physically looked over the card, which I suspect is bad, but don't know in which way. I noticed that of all the tiny caps on the back of the card, C28 is missing - you'll see just the pads. Was this a live cap? Did it break off at some point? I don't know - but a similar card on eBay has the same missing C28.   What I'm trying to figure out is, could this be the cause of my problems or is it something like like the v2.0 ROM that needs to be updated or replaced? No obvious damage to the card itself.