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My PDS Extension Cable...DONE

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Just under 11 years ago I started this thread on AppleFritter about trying to create a PDS extension cable for my SE/30. On Friday I finally got it working.


Here is the recipe:




I first tried this with this wire kit with one end male and the other female.  The problem here was that the pin on the male end would not get enough purchase in the female PDS connection. That lead me to the IDE gender benders:




To get to 120 pins, 4 of these are needed however one row of pins in not used.




Each wire has a single connector and they can be fiddly getting them to mate on the male PDS connection. To ease the process, I split the 40 wire bundle into 2 of 20 wires and this made things a bit easier to get wired up.




Female wire goes to the base of the IIsi card with PDS passthrough and accelerator slots. IDE gender benders go in the other end and then into the right angle PDS.




Above is the completed mess of wires (minus the right angle PDS) mounted to my IIsi. The Daystar card had an Asante network card installed and the IIsi fired right up.






I let this system run for a few hours and there were no issues so I knew I had good progress so...




right angle PDS adaptor added to the IDE gender bender end and then inserted into the Asante card.  Asante card then goes in to the SE/30 PDS slot.




Into the Daystar cart goes the 50mhz accelerator. Then in goes the Micron Exceed card:






Added the SSD:




Then fired it up. The first time I hit the power switch, nothing. Oops, I never plugged it in.


Tried again when plugged in and Shazam, it fires up! Screen of a few apps showing what is running:




Now this was not as stable as in the IIsi as after a few minutes I get a bus error:




I am guessing that this is due to the S bends on the 3 rows of wires pulling on the connections. I had some family things to tend to so I needed to put this away however it was pretty exciting to finally get this working. This setup is Gamba's SE/30ecgs and with a bit more shaping of the wire I think I'll be able to get the connections snug so that I don't get the bus error. 


While this is good progress with the Daystar cards, where I plan to use this is when I can get the Carerra 040 hacked to work in a SE/30 as described in these threads:




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