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    • Just got this Power Mac 7200/120 for next to nothing. Only upgrade is a two port USB card. Nothing too exciting.    It seems that the SCSI hard drive (Quantum Fireball SE) in this thing is dying. When I turn it on, it starts booting and gets into the Mac OS 8.6 screen very quickly. Unfortunately it hangs there, and the HDD starts making weird noises. Here's a YouTube video with audio - it sounds a bit sketchy at first, then seems like a normal (old) hard drive until about twenty seconds in. After that, it makes a loud buzz - then a tick-tick - then a buzz - then a tick-tick, etc...    Is this a common failure mode for these drives, and if so, is it fixable? I'm planning on installing an SIL3112 either way, but I'd love to have the drive for an SE/30. 
    • Oh yeah, that would be sweet. I just downloaded and skimmed the PDF. I love this instruction on page 48: "If capacitor C522 is missing, install a new capacitor." My question is, where did C522 go in the first place?
    • Yes, but I have found, for the logic board, that pushing down away from the neck of the tube is not a big deal. When you are pushing directly past and underneath it for the analog board, that is where it gets tricky...   You can squeeze with your fingers, but I have always had more consistent luck with the pliers personally.